10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

Absolutely pick out ten of the best fitness classes in London

Words Elysia Agnew

1Rebel – Broadgate / St Mary Axe

10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

Ride, Rumble and Reshape. 1Rebel offers three 30 or 45 minute themed exercise sessions to tone, strengthen and improve your overall fitness. The Ride class is high speed and full of energy, backed by live house musicians. Rumble is all about strength and power, a cardio boxing battle between you and your bag. And Reshape is an intense group exercise class designed to condition selected muscle-groups.


Aeriel Yoga – Whitechapel

10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

Aeriel Yoga introduces exercise through relaxation. These classes will create a peaceful state of mind and a feeling of lightness in the body as you move from one position to the next. With the option of a ‘relaxing’ class, a ‘general’ class and a ‘2-hour’ weekend class, you can tailor the perfect amount of relaxation and physical work you get out of the session.


barrecore – across London

10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

With studios in Chelsea, Chiswick, Hampstead, Kensington, Mayfair and Wimbledon, barrecore is an intelligent exercise class combining interval training with static stretches. The 60-minute session targets the major muscle groups, improving posture and alignment as the body is effectively reshaped. We’re all striving for the barre body this year.


bePilates – Chiltern Street

10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

Pilates lovers will happily take time out of their day to attend a bePilates class. A place to relax, refresh, workout and come away feeling healthy and holistic. These small group sessions incorporate core pilates principles as well as contemporary formations. The Works is the newest addition to bePilates, where you can benefit from customised training.


FRAME – Victoria

10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

With three airy studios set up for yoga, barre, pilates and fitness workouts, FRAME offers a pay-as-you-go service in a sleek setting. Offering dance classes, meditation sessions, pre & post natal workouts, personal training and workshops, FRAME also has a cafe serving everything from pre-workout pancakes to post-workout smoothies. A treat to take away after a feel-good fitness class.


Battersea Yoga – Battersea

10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

Directly opposite Battersea Park, a private driveway leads to a secluded setting. The perfect mid-week retreat is a Restorative Yoga class followed by a Mindfulness class. With the support of props, Restorative Yoga explores flexibility and body balance. Pranayama techniques help to free the mind as you become at one with your body. The Mindfulness class follows, taking you deeper into your mind after a body-focused workout. You will come out feeling flexible, reflective and truly refreshed.


HulaFit – Embankment

10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

We are spinning into a hula frenzy with these exclusive summer HulaFit classes aboard the Benefit Cosmetic Good Ship. In all it’s pink glory, fitness fanatics can show off their hip movements on the Hoola Deck while taking in the views of the Thames. There’s also a tiki bar, a restaurant, and all the cosmetic goodies that Benefit have to offer. A Wednesday workout fit for those who want to whittle those waists.


KOBOX – Kings Road

10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

It seems hit is the new way to get fit in London this year. KOBOX combines energetic music with motivational coaching to provide a 60 minute class offering high intensity boxing. Using bag boxing routines and strength training, these classes will not only have you feeling fitter, they’ll increase your strength and will empower your mind.


Studio One Pilates – Forest Hill

10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

Head to the leafy-green Forest Hill and you’ll find London’s latest pilates and movement studio. Offering a range of classes including mat pilates, equipment pilates, acro balance and aerial yoga, these classes promise to work your muscles, tone your core and suppress muscular pains. Set in a thirties warehouse conversion, the space is cool and calming with Nordic-inspired lighting features.


The Castle Climbing Centre – Stoke Newington

10 Fitness Classes to Try in London

If you’re looking for something a little more hands-on, The Castle Climbing Centre is the workout for you. Climbing builds strength and stamina while you can achieve immediate goals. These rewarding sessions will teach you all you need to know about rope work and building on your skills and techniques to get you to the top.


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