10 reasons why screen-free audiobooks are the way to go this summer!

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Voxblock on why screen-free audiobooks are so brilliant for little ones…

Everyone is getting excited as summer holidays are just around the corner. Perhaps you are heading to a sunny destination or staying local and planning activities to keep the kids entertained? Let’s take one thing off the to-do list and make entertaining the kids a breeze, all without any screens!

Immerse young minds in a world of stories with Voxblock, the screen-free audiobook player that is both easy-to-use and perfect for summer travel. Here are 10 reasons why Voxblock is an ideal choice:

  1. It’s designed for kids!
    Voxblock puts kids first, allowing independent use by children aged 3 and up, with no need for grown-ups!
  2. It’s portable and durable
    Its lightweight, compact and robust design easily fits into a child’s backpack, making it convenient to carry anywhere. Voxblock is even shortlisted for the Junior Design Awards Best Travel Product!
  3. It’s ready to use right out of the box
    We really mean it when we say Voxblock is hassle-free. There’s no setup, apps, or downloads required. Just press play and enjoy!
  4. It improves vocabulary
    Voxblock enhances your child’s vocabulary and broadens their horizons through carefully selected
    audiobooks that expose young listeners to new language and experiences in order to thrive!
  5. There is endless variety
    With an expanding library of over 150 stories, Voxblock ensures that children can continuously learn, play and grow. From beloved classics like Paddington and Alice in Wonderland to popular series like Pippi Longstocking and Horrible Histories, there is something for everyone between the ages of 3 and 12
  6. It’s effortless to use
    Voxblock makes bringing stories to life effortless. Just insert your audiobook into the player and enjoy.
    Kids have the freedom to pause or change their audiobook whenever they like, and it will automatically resume where they left off.
  7. It’s made by parents
    Voxblock was founded by parents who wanted to entertain children while promoting learning and enhancing literacy skills through audio stories.
  8. It supports healthy sleep
    Voxblock understands the importance of a good night’s sleep for young bookworms. It’s bedtime mode and screen-free design eliminate any distracting glow, making it a calming addition to any bedtime routine.
  9. Sustainability commitment
    Voxblock is committed to minimising their environmental impact. The players and books are designed with greater sustainability in mind. The players use the fewest parts possible for a repairable product with a long lifespan.
  10. Its award-winning excellence!
    Voxblock has been recognised as the Best Kids Audio Player for Ease of Use by both The Independent and The Evening Standard, Voxblock is sure to become a favourite companion that will be treasured for a lifetime.

    The Voxblock Starter pack contains a Voxblock player, bumper and three stories for £59.99. Buy now at voxblock.co.uk/absolutemama

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