An awning in XXL format

An awning in XXL format

The pergola stretch offers generous protection against sun and rain

Those who have a spacious garden or a large patio and would like to use it to escape the heat of summer or be able to relax outside in almost any weather, will relish what the “pergola stretch” has to offer, as this awning is both sun and wet weather protection in one and provides it in the most impressive of dimensions.

Spacious patios in Lounge style are becoming ever more prevalent these days. And with them the wish to be able to spend as much time as possible outside using them while simultaneously being protected from sun, wind and rain. Large awning systems are therefore in demand. And consequently the markilux “pergola” as well. In the meantime, the manufacturer is offering this model as a whole product family: from the classic pergola via the compact variant right up to an XXL version – the new “pergola stretch”.

A coverboard protects the cover against dirt and rain

This model already makes a big impression with its seven by seven metres as a single unit. But it really comes into its own when several units are linked together. This enables an area of up to 25 by 7 metres to be protected against sun, wind and inclement weather. Innovative drive and cover transportation systems make this possible. Using a radio-controlled motor, they transport the waterproof awning cover along the lateral guide tracks in similar fashion to a roof festoon. A narrow coverboard protects the retracted cover from soiling and precipitation. Moreover, rainwater flows quickly away via a newly designed gutter and the lateral support posts. To enhance the privacy factor, vertical blinds and screens can be integrated into this sun and wet weather protection system as well. LED Lines or LED Spots, which can be attached to the system, allow the surroundings to be bathed in accentuated lighting. And a pleasant cosiness is supplied by a suitable number of heaters. So, in the evening or on cooler days, too, it is possible to make oneself more than comfortable under the “pergola stretch”.

The “pergola stretch” by markilux makes it possible for the client to create a cosy area in the garden or on a large patio in almost any weather. The awning makes a big impression with its imposing sizes and practical, comfort-creating accessories.

For further information, please visit: www.markilux.com 


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