Attach a masterpiece to your house with Markilux

masterpiece house with Markilux

Attach a masterpiece to your house with Markilux – The MX-2 cassette awning from markilux comes in a flowing, light and elegant design. Its fine shape and floating appearance are particularly effective in large awning widths.

An elaborate design is a status symbol. It can be modern, classic, playful or individually creative. What is called for today is above all a design that conveys value and quality. An example of this is the new cassette awning MX-2 from manufacturer markilux. With its vivacious, flowing form, it lends lightness and an aesthetic look to your home.

The first thing you notice about the MX-2, a new cassette awning from markilux, is its slender shape and the sweeping profile that harmoniously encloses the cassette. Its minimalist design makes it a jewel attached to your home. The visual effect is particularly noticeable in large awning dimensions.Clear lines and a significant view of the awning fabric

The look of the MX-2 reinterprets the meaning of “modern“ in awnings. Contemporary architecture and today’s product design served as inspiration. The clear form embodies quality, elegance and valuable technology. This includes, for example, a practical tilt device. It ensures that the front profile always closes flush against the cassette when the awning is retracted. A special mechanism also locks the arms in their preset pitch when extended and thus protects the cover from light gusts of wind and the load exerted by the rain. The awning arms, which are attached a wide distance apart in the housing, are also practical, because this gives you a clearer view of the awning fabric.

A floating appearance and noble colours

For effective lighting and a cosy atmosphere in the evening, an LED Line, LED Spots or infrared heaters can be fitted under the awning. And when it is finally hanging on the wall, it seems to levitate, as the supporting brackets are barely visible. In keeping with the chic design and the company’s 50th anniversary, the awning is available this year in the extremely noble,markilux stands for “Design Made in Germany”, innovative new products and excellent quality in the exterior solar protection sector. Since 1972 folding-arm awnings, conservatory awnings and vertical blinds have been produced at its manufacturing facility in Emsdetten, northern Germany. The high-quality products are distributed by professional partners in Germany and abroad. About 1,000 selected companies assure the high qualitative standards during the assembly of the awnings.

For further information, please visit: www.markilux.com

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