Beautiful Blooms Flowers For Valentine’s Day And Beyond

shida preserved flowers roma lifestyle2

Made To Last


shida preserved flowers roma lifestyle2

This is a fresh approach to floristry, using naturally dried and preserved flowers that bloom beautifully all year. These contemporary bouquets elevate your spaces and your mood. 

Birthday Box

Gluttonous Gardener

birthday box

February’s birth flowers are pretty primroses. Inside this birth flower gift box, the recipient will find a packet of Primrose seeds and a slate engraved with their name and birth date. 

English Rose

Laven Der Green

lavender green breakfastattiffanys cutout

The Chelsea-based florists behind Pippa Middleton’s wedding flowers have a new Valentine’s Day collection, which includes luxury flowers and bouquets of roses and tulips, starting from £95. 

Pot Luck

Leaf Envy

leaf envy, peach flamingo flower elizabeth shell leafenvycouk, 7848764

Forget flowers and gift an actual plant. The Peace Lily’s stunning white flowers and elegant long leaves make this a very calming and beautiful addition to any home. 

Flower Show

Neill Strain

154 neill strain mayfair christmas decor varna sudios

A pioneer of the flower world, Neill channels passion, skill, and environmental consciousness in every phase of his distinctive, award-winning work. All Neill Strain arrangements are one of a kind.

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