Absolutely Unwinds at Beauty & Melody Spa, Knightsbridge

Beauty and Melody Spa

Celebrate the new year in total bliss and unwind at Beauty and Melody Spa, Knightsbridge

Words Georgia McVeigh

Escape to Beauty and Melody Spa

There always seems to be an air of scepticism around any beauty treatment that promises longevity. Those treatments that allow you an extra five minutes sleep in the morning by shaving off the precious time you would normally spend doing your hair and makeup. With this in mind, I head to Beauty and Melody Spa, Knightsbridge to try two such treatments; the Brazilian Blowdry, which promises to leave your hair frizz-free, and a session of laser hair removal.

The spa itself is bright, white and glamorous. It boasts a chic waiting room to the left and treatment area to the right. I receive the Bio Keratin treatment first. My therapist, Gosia, talks me through the process whilst fingering my somewhat unruly hair. There is a common misconception surrounding the treatment – many people arrive under the assumption that they will end up with dead straight hair for the next three months. However, the Bio Keratin treatment at Beauty and Melody spa is a restorative and hydrating treatment, allowing for natural curl whilst eliminating frizz.

Firstly, Gosia washes my hair using a shampoo that strips the hair of any product, and brushes it through thoroughly. With hair still wet, we return to the treatment area. The serum, which Gosia applies directly onto my wet hair in much the same way as colour or highlights, is a Moroccan Keratin Smoothing formula by Inoar. With a strong smell, it contains Cocoa Oil and White Clay to aid the smoothing process. Depending on hair length, this process usually takes up to half an hour, after which comes a wait of around 40 minutes to allow the serum to settle.

The serum is then blow-dried directly onto the hair, and Gosia painstakingly ensures the whole head is dry before going over once again with straighteners, a few strands at a time. This is a real labour of love. Overall it takes around two and a half to three hours, but the final effect is phenomenal. I barely recognise myself as she shows me the finished product, and whilst assuring me it will gain back some of the natural curl, I left wishing my hair always looked this smooth and shiny. After a wash the hair does get back some of its natural curl, but as it promised, it’s much easier to manage and definitely frizz free.

Next, I am ushered through to the back for the laser hair removal on my underarms. Having been in earlier in the week for a patch test, I feel prepared, and I’m assured it will take no longer than 10 minutes. Beauty and Melody use the Soprano ICE Platinum system. Incorporating a range of laser wavelengths and energy pulses, it can penetrate different skin depths, and it simultaneously heats and damages the hair follicle in order to ensure there can be no further growth.

My therapist lies me on the bed and hands me the goggles to prevent eye damage, applies the laser transmission gel, and starts the process. It immediately feels warm, although after 30 seconds the heat begins to build and I find myself feeling the sensation of pinpricks on the area. After 10 minutes the treatment is complete, the gel residue wiped away. It’s a pretty painless process all things considered. Although I didn’t experience the recommended 6 sessions, if it means a shave or wax free future, I’m definitely sold.

Overall, my experience at Beauty and Melody Spa was one of great comfort. The staff are delightful, the atmosphere gorgeous. If they’ve given me a frizz free future, I will be forever in their debt.

Laser Hair Removal – Underarms; £70

Bio Keratin Hair Treatment; £160


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