Beauty Review: Pedicure at Margaret Dabbs’ New Corinthia Clinic

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Give your winter-worn feet some TLC in the luxury of Margaret Dabbs’ new Corinthia clinic

Words Leaf Arbuthnot

Feet have a hard time of it during winter. Especially for those of us with poor circulation, constantly moving from hot to cold can leave feet in a bad way. Sometimes a simple pedicure just doesn’t cut it – more drastic action is called for.

The beautiful Corinthia Hotel in central London has a spa that has just started a pioneering new treatment for ailing feet. It’s called a “medical pedicure” and was dreamed up by internationally renowned foot specialist, Margaret Dabbs.

The pedicure lasts about an hour and includes a one-on-one session with a trained podiatrist. When I arrive for my treatment, it is apocalyptically wet outside, and the quiet, luxurious spa, which is set over four floors, is a real haven.

At first I feel awkward in the spa’s opulent setting, but the staff who work there are kind and professional. They ask just enough questions to make me feel welcome, but not so many I feel badgered after a gruelling day at work.

Rather to my pride, the podiatrist in charge of my pedicure says my feet are in decent nick – apart from some dead skin, which he removes matter-of-factly. Most of the pedicure happens in a private room, which saves patients from being self-conscious as someone scrutinises their toes.

After the consultation my hands and feet are given extra love by an experienced beauty technician who buffs and rehydrates my nails, then paints them.

I allow the polish to dry in the main spa area, which has sleeping pods and loungers. Women who have had other treatments sashay around in dressing gowns, nibbling at fruit dotted around the rooms.

When I leave the Corinthia, my feet feel incredibly soft and supple – even my ankles, which can get really hard during the coldest months of the year. The nail polish lasts for at least two weeks, and my skin stays soft for days. I’ll be back.

Whitehall Place, SW1A, 0207 321 3050

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