BoConcept Chichester On How To Embrace Biophilic Design


How BoConcept Chichester nurtures the Biophilic design trend in the home

You would think that Biophilic design came as a response to our increased time in the home and reduced contact with nature. But this big home trend has been steadily growing for years. Biophilic design, which began in modern architecture, is about purposefully incorporating nature into our interior spaces, so we can connect to the outdoors.

The benefits include increased creativity, reduced stress, quicker healing, improved mood and general wellbeing. And thankfully you don’t need to install a huge living wall or bi-fold garden doors to get the effect. Just a few simple considerations can make a world of difference.



The 60s and 70s saw a boom in houseplants. Today, they’ve become an ever more popular way to add personality to your space (minus the lava lamp). For striking yet easy to keep varieties, try Fiddle Leaf figs, Chinese Money Plants, Yuccas, Aloe and Spider Plants.

If you’re busy (and perhaps a bit forgetful) succulents and cacti will endure shameful neglect. But for real no-maintenance options, go for dried florals. They make stunning centrepieces for tables as well as adding interest to dark corners. You can’t have too many houseplants this season, so start with a few and add until you find your threshold.


The benefits of biophilic design aren’t only found in greenery. Adding natural materials to your space also helps. Exchanging synthetic surfaces for wood, stone and marble will combine to create a warm and calming space. Think ‘nature’ when accessorising too. Choose ceramics in natural finishes and soft furnishings in wool, cotton, leather and silk.



This might sound obvious, but simply keeping your room well-ventilated with fresh air can have a huge effect on mood and wellbeing. Make the best use of daylight. Try not to obstruct light by over accessorising windowsills. And be strategic with mirrors and reflective surfaces, using them to spread rays to shadowy corners.


Through changing seasons, one thing has proven to always be trend. Being true to yourself. That’s why BoConcept encourage your self-expression, helping to adopt new trends with your own personal spin. Their professional interior designers are on hand to help you co-create your personal space with our any-project size interior design service.

Head to their website and sign up to receive an exclusive preview of their New Neutrals Kollektion, and also download their AW22 lookbook for the latest interior design trends.


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