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BoConcept Chichester On The Design Looks For 2022


Explore the style landscape of tomorrow. From colour to materials, this is what BoConcept Chichester see trending in 2022


Two themes, endless possibilities. Think of these as your reliable, go-to colours. They are mood-makers, defining the feeling of a room with their perfectly paired tones. Whether you’re more Calming Neutrals or Quiet Luxury is entirely down to your life and style.

For light and uplifting spaces, our Scandi-inspired palette will work wonders. For city sophistication, Quiet Luxury has your name on it.

Calming Neutrals

There’s a reason why so many people, all around the world, crave an authentic Scandinavian aesthetic for their space. From muted colours to minimalistic designs, a modern Nordic interior is somehow both calming and homely, while grand and impressive. This core palette will help you achieve an authentic Scandinavian base, to which you can add pops of your own personal style. It also pairs perfectly with blonde oak, stony ceramics, and accents of cement.

Think of this palette as a deep exhalation. A midsummer sunset. Shady sand. Chai latte. Artisan pottery. Everything about it is designed to soothe and calm.

Quiet Luxury

This colour palette is a cosmopolitan love letter to the world’s great cities. Those you live in and those you long for. Indeed, the Quiet Luxury palette is a metropolis of inspiration. It arrives rooted in deep, saturated earthy tones – an amplified response to our desire for the natural. Its base of black now veers into subtly brown and blue territories as well. Expect dark oaks, natural leathers, and plush fabrics for a touch of moodiness.



Quite simply, our homes have never been more important to us. No longer just a place to live, but to work and workout, raise families and host friends. We’ve never expected more from them, as we continue to adapt to an ever-changing world. Below you’ll find the latest interior trends: the movements that we see moulding the evolution of the place we call home.

Authentic Sustainability

Green is not a trend. It isn’t something that will (or should) come in and out of fashion. It’s a commitment to an ongoing journey of respect and accountability. Always reassessing processes and finding ways to improve.

The appetite for respectful quality will, however, impact style trends. In the early 2020s, we will want the aesthetics of our chosen materials to reflect our “green” mindset as well. This clean, natural look serves as currency for our conscience.

So now, lightly treated natural materials will become ever more popular. In contrast, high-pop hues of digital, synthetic nature will mostly serve as occasional accents.

Back to Basics

A modern-day truth: we’ve never craved simplicity more. With a human desire to go back to basics, we are collectively moving away from over-consumption to considered selections.

The trends take its cues from democratic design that is both durable and life-enhancing. Supporting the ever-growing need for genuine mindful options and a desire for a transparent production system.

Heritage and Craft

Rustic materiality meets the refinement of the human hand, with works of art paying homage to the past. This trend beckons us to come together in celebration of craftmanship. Techniques that require time, skill, and patience.

Considered lines. Pieces made with love. Materials plucked from the earth. Think: ceramics, leather, and natural wood. Creating spaces that are immediately grounding.

Mark of the Maker

Perfection is an illusion. So, this trend makes imperfections the hero. A reminder that an individual lovingly designed that sofa or handcrafted that vase.

It’s the smaller details that make something unique, and bring that extra layer to the spaces we live and work in. With pieces marked by the hand that made them – our homes become a testament to our innate creativity. And they help us dress a space with genuine authenticity.

Newstalgic Spaces

Introducing a new kind of nostalgia, experienced through a contemporary lens. It’s comfort through familiarity, mixed with modern design.

Adding personal touches to a home is nothing new. But spaces designed around the principle of calling to mind fond memories is. It’s comfort through familiarity, and all with a contemporary lens. It’s also just what’s needed to remedy uncertainty and ongoing change.



Through changing seasons, one thing has proven to always be on trend. Being true to yourself. That’s why we encourage your self-expression, helping you to adopt new trends with your own personal spin.

Our talented teams are here to help you co-create your personal space with our any-project-size interior design service. It’s free styling advice in store, at home or virtually.

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