Make the Most of Summer with a Luxury Garden Gazebo by Breeze House

Safar Breeze House Garden Gazebo

Breeze House was founded with the purpose of crafting luxury garden gazebos where memories can be made, surrounded by nature. Some 27 years on, getting closer to nature, unplugging from devices and reconnecting with each other could not be more relevant.

Recent world events have redefined the concept of luxury. The new luxe is about time, space and experiences. It’s time to focus on what truly matters in life, good health and celebrating good times with loved ones are essential luxuries.

The Mara Circular Breeze HouseA Breeze House will transform your garden into a destination. It empowers you to be at one with nature and make luxury part of your everyday life. A space to rediscover what is important to you. A nature-based experience to feed your soul and find clarity in comfort. A place to cherish special moments together with friends and family in the present and into the future. 

Breeze House’s mission is to make you feel luxurious; from excellent service and a unique customer experience to your story unfolding as a Breeze House owner. Each Breeze House is crafted in Britain from the best sustainable materials money can buy, creating your own exclusive retreat from the world where you are free to connect with yourself and nature.

“When I founded Breeze House, my purpose was to craft quality garden gazebos where spirits are lifted and memories are made, surrounded by nature, while in absolute luxury.” – Andrew Peck, Founder of Breeze House


The Mara Circular Breeze HouseThe open sides of these luxury circular gazebos make getting a daily dose of nature a breeze. Surrounded by greenery and uninterrupted views, a small to medium Breeze House is the perfect place to enjoy time out from ever busy lives.

Each building is handcrafted from sustainable Redwood treated to retain the natural beauty of the wood’s grain and texture. Its natural shape and the form of the Cape Reed thatch, Canadian forest cedar shingle or slate effect roof creates an impressive feature in your garden and a retreat tempting you to venture outside.

The cosy interior of a Breeze House gives indoor comfort while connecting you with the great outdoors right on your doorstep. It feels so good to spend time in a Breeze House. They tap into our innate desire to live close to nature. Explore this covetable range of deceptively spacious getaways where you can slow down, de-stress and regain focus.


The Oval Garden Gazebo ExteriorThe collection of Oval Breeze Houses offers the same immersive, nature-based experience as the circular range, but with more space to indulge and entertain up to 30 guests. Oval Breeze Houses have separate areas for dining and lounging or can be adapted to accommodate swim spas or gymnasiums.

With an oval or bespoke Breeze House your options are limitless. Create an outdoor room to transform your property for entertaining or keep it to yourself and enjoy your time at home even more. Over the years Breeze House have created the most stunning multi-functional spaces to include outdoor kitchens, garden dining rooms, garden bars and swimming pool rooms.

The Oval Garden Gazebo Interior

These fabulous open-sided structures allow plenty of light and scenery to be absorbed in the summer, while protective canvas covers are available to utilise in adverse weather, creating a safe and comfortable cocoon in your outdoor area which can be enjoyed all year round – even in winter.

Indulge in nature through the seasons, year after year.  Live your best outdoor life in the luxury of a Breeze House gazebo handcrafted in the UK from the finest sustainable materials. Request a brochure, or visit a Breeze House display show site to discover the collection.


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