Can I Eat Out and Still Stay in Shape?

Can I Eat Out and Still Stay in Shape?

Watching what you eat can be tricky, especially when it comes to dining out or special occasions. But it is possible to stay on the straight and narrow, here Beyond Balance show us how…

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The amount of times I have gone to lunch and ordered what would have been a delicious dish only to have it served to me swimming in taste-bud numbing amounts of sauce is far too many! It has taken me a few years to figure out how to eat delicious, healthy food when eating out. Breakfast is the easiest as I’ll always go for high-protein eggs which are also rich in good fats, avocado, salmon and some leaves.

I usually head to Saucer & Cup in Wimbledon Park for a delicious breakfast of
this calibre, which can be enjoyed with or without sourdough toast. My favourite lunch place is Luma Café in Wimbledon where you can get veggie
loaded vegan meals with the flexibility to add a protein source such as fish or
chicken to your meal. They also have vegan cheesecake, which is to die for (but
will not give you heart disease). Pho is equally good with its healthful and
flavorsome Vietnamese broths. If we feel like venturing a bit further out we will
head to Planet Organic in Wandsworth of The Good Life Eatery on King’s Road.
For dinner, I always choose Sticks n Sushi (Wimbledon) or Cau (Wimbledon
Village). At Sticks I will order lots of sashimi, the cauliflower with black sesame
truffle sauce, duck rice paper rolls, grilled avocado and the black cod. At Cau will
go for fillet steak medallions with lots of veggie side dishes including sweet
potato slices and tomato salad.

These are my tips for staying in shape when eating out:

• Ask for the dressing on the side
• Order copious amounts of vegetable dishes
• Check the menu online before arriving
• Don’t arrive starving
• Go for meals that include a good amount of quality protein such as
chicken, fish or beef
• Lay off the fried food
• Choose Japanese, Thai or steak houses over Italian or Indian
• Order a large bottle of sparkling water (or two) for the table
• Choose either wine (preferably red) OR dessert, not both

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