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Capital A List on how to get on the guest list at London’s most exclusive venues and events


Absolutely London meets Paul Norman at Capital A List, the leading luxury VIP concierge

Capital A List is the leading luxury VIP concierge providing its members access to London’s most exclusive venues and events. As a member, the excellent team at Capital A List are on hand to arrange your nights out, client meetings, fine dining reservations and much more.

Absolutely London sat down to speak with managing director Paul Norman to discuss how Capital A List is helping its members make the most of their time in London.

Q Firstly it’s great to see the luxury hospitality industry revived after the pandemic. How have things been for Capital A List since then?

A The pandemic was incredibly tough for everyone. I feel lucky in that we didn’t have huge overheads to maintain throughout that period compared to all the restaurants, bars and clubs. We were also fortunate in that the vast majority of our members stayed with us throughout that time, eager to make the most of what we offer as soon as things returned to normal. Since then we’ve been incredibly busy partnering with lots of new venues so that we can offer even more value to our members.

Q What new and noteworthy happenings are there that members should look forward to?

A We’ve just launched our Elite level membership. Elite members will not only get our exceptional London service but also worldwide support including hotels, restaurants and travel. We’ve also partnered with many more luxury venues including the hugely popular restaurant Bacchanalia, VIP club B London in South Kensington and a whole host of other in-demand venues.

Q How does Capital A List differentiate itself from other concierges?

A What makes Capital A List stand out is our commitment to providing a personal service for all members. Our members frequently praise us for this. We’ve always strived to understand each of our members’ preferences so we know exactly what to recommend to them. For example, If they give us feedback that they especially like a certain table location in any given restaurant or VIP club, we will ensure they are seated in that location on their next booking. We also enjoy going the extra distance to accommodate even the most unique requests. One of our Platinum members requests Alaskan salmon as a preference when booking at Japanese restaurants, so our team will ensure that they are offered only a selection of places that specialize in this variety.

Q It’s certainly an exciting time to be in London and it sounds like you have all the top places covered. Is Capital A List currently taking on new members?

A If anyone likes the sound of what we offer and wants a call with one of our team to see how the membership could benefit them either in their personal or business lives, they are more than welcome to put in an application on our website.

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