Carl Hansen & Son brand new addition to their extensive collection

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Carl Hansen & Son, which has been manufacturing Hans J. Wegner furniture for more than 70 years, is now adding the CH45 rocking chair from 1965 to it’s extensive collection.

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Hans J. Wegner, also known as the ‘Master of the Chair’, was a pioneering Danish furniture architect, who managed to create around 500 chairs throughout his career, including masterpieces such as the CH24 Wishbone Chair, the CH07 Shell Chair and the CH25 Lounge Chair. Wegner typically designed chairs in pairs with different variations, for example one dining chair with armrests and one without. However, in the mid-1960s, he designed an entire furniture series for Carl Hansen & Son consisting of 13 unique items – including the CH45 Rocking Chair, which was only manufactured for a short period of time.

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This furniture series has a distinct Wegner identity as well as a wider Nordic expression in its pure simplicity. Today, several pieces of furniture from the series are still in production at Carl Hansen & Son, including the CH44 Lounge Chair, the CH46 and CH47 Dining Chairs and the CH53 Stool. These are now accompanied by the CH45 Rocking Chair.

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From the beginning of his career, Hans J. Wegner was fascinated by designing rocking chairs and, as always, he took a methodical approach to his design with his main focus being the function. As a result, the CH45 Rocking Chair is perfectly proportioned, so one can sit relaxed and rock easily, but can also rise effortlessly from the chair. The reclining backrest adds a dynamic expression to the overall composition, and the kinship with the other furniture in the series is evident in the shaped bars, the envelope-patterned seat of paper cord and the uniquely curved armrests, which are elevated at the rear. These design elements are classically Wegner, as the elevation allows for a solid joint. The grooves at the top of the backrest are also a typical Wegner detail, as they not only appear decorative but can also be used as suspension for a neck pillow.   The CH45 Rocking Chair is crafted at Carl Hansen & Son in Gelsted in Denmark. Here, all surfaces are carefully hand-polished by the skilled craftsmen, who also weave the seat from 213 metres of paper cord – a time-consuming process of around 1.5 hours.   Craftsmanship is the trademark of Carl Hansen & Son, and third-generation owner and CEO Knud Erik Hansen says: “The interplay between Hans J. Wegner’s Design Studio and Carl Hansen & Son is a big part of the company’s identity. We have built up our expertise and know-how on how to manufacture Wegner’s furniture for over 70 years. We know Wegner’s design and craftsmanship down to the last detail – from the advanced joints and organic shapes to the various weaving techniques that Wegner developed together with the talented craftsmen at Carl Hansen & Son. We are very proud of this collaboration and of being able to expand the collection with the elegant CH45 Rocking Chair.”   As with all relaunches of Hans J. Wegner, the CH45 Rocking Chair has been created in close collaboration with Hans J. Wegner’s Design Studio, which safeguards his design heritage today.

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