We Test CAR.O.L, The A.I. Exercise Bike

CAR.O.L bike

Meet CAR.O.L, the 40 second AI HIIT workout that’s better than a 30-minute jog – it’s exercise, but not as we know it

By Eve Herbert

CAR.O.L is the world’s first scientifically proven exercise bike that uses AI to give you a personalised HIIT workout in just 40 seconds of hard work. CAR.O.L’s game-changing workouts are short, push your body to its limit and give impressive results – working out on CAR.O.L is better than 30 minutes of cardio and has the same effect as a 45-minute jog.

CAR.O.L’s smart tech is for smart people who want to optimise their lives; the bike was invented by scientists to help people improve their fitness without wasting time at the gym. CAR.O.L is an exercise physiologist and personal trainer rolled into a stationary bike.

Its clever tech uses AI to customise and automate each ride and the more you train her algorithms, the smarter she gets, and you reap the benefits of tailor-made rides, every time.

CAR.O.LThis high-octane bike is the future of exercise. You need three sessions a week on CAR.O.L, with only 2 x 20 seconds of intense sprints. The sprints are sandwiched between eight minutes of very slow pedalling, so in under nine minutes, it’s all over — but it will push you further than any spin class or personal training session. Because the sprints are so short, you will not get hot enough to sweat, so there is no need to change or shower.

CAR.O.L works by pushing your body to its maximum to rapidly deplete glycogen (sugar) stores, which in turn, triggers other chemicals. The result is a healthier, fitter and slimmer you. When your body’s glycogen depletion is so rapid, your body reacts like it’s being chased by a tiger — your thighs quickly use up their glycogen stores to provide the energy needed to get you away from the tiger as fast as possible. These used-up energy stores need to be re-stocked, so the body starts mobilising sugar stores elsewhere in your body back into your thighs. This process requires insulin, a hormone that is a sugar transporter and a fat blocker. As you become more insulin-sensitive, you are able to use fat for energy while processing sugar more effectively.

A randomised trial by the prestigious American Council on Exercise concluded that working out on CAR.O.L three times a week has made the government exercise guidelines (5 x 30 minute cardio sessions a week) obsolete.

Health is more important now than ever before. Yet, for millions of people, current exercise options are neither time efficient nor interesting. If you want to feel and look great but don’t have the time or the inclination to do lengthy exercise sessions, then you need a CAR.O.L.

£2,995 from Selfridges Smart Tech space or online; carolfitai.com

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