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Charlotte Findlater takes Absolutely Magazines behind the scenes on a commission with an entertaining edge.

Serving as an escape and unwind location, we were commissioned to design a luxury games room for a client. The space within the home was envisioned for social gatherings, special occasions, and family get-togethers.

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For many of our clients, the act of entertaining friends and family ranks high on the priority list when it comes to home design. The brief for this particular room called for luxury, with inspiration drawn from the client’s cherished Grandfather Clock. The space was to be multifunctional—incorporating a pool table, a social seating area, a comprehensively equipped bar, and media facilities. As the project progressed, we became aware of the client’s affinity for big cats, particularly lions and tigers.

The room had sat unused since the client’s acquisition of the house a few years back. When designing a games room, maximizing space usage is key, and that was our initial focus. We dissected the room’s utility and allocated zones to facilitate various types of activities.

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To facilitate the custom bar’s depth requirements, we removed a section of wall on the room’s left side. The bar area boasts features such as a dishwasher, a small sink, a pull-out bin, ample glass storage, and a dedicated beer fridge. An oak open-fronted cabinet with foxed glass backing was crafted for the side wall, designed to showcase the client’s spirit selection under integrated LED lighting.

The property’s nestling within a rocky, mountainous landscape inspired us to select a color palette echoing the surrounding flora, water, and the prevalence of oak and bracken—shades that resonate with the natural world.

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With a contemporary vision complemented by a nod to the client’s penchant for antiques, we incorporated textured materials like leathers, heavy linens, and velvet. We selected bold colors, brave patterns, and a collection of original, unique artworks. The splendid parquet wood floor establishes a grounding dynamic in the room. We opted for dark-built-ins to inject drama, carrying our chosen natural green hue from the walls to the ceiling.

The room’s colors are softly tied together by the stunning linen curtains, which add a soothing element to the overall design.

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The custom-designed solid oak pool table commands the room’s attention, and we ensured ample space was provided around it to accommodate cue play. As an entertainment space, maximizing seating was paramount. In tune with the client’s admiration for Chesterfield leather sofas, a luxurious three-seater was included, alongside two soft green velvet swivel chairs—for versatile interaction and media viewing—and a pair of bar stools complementing the custom bar, complete with a brass footrail.

Our layered lighting scheme permits various moods through custom LED downlighters, a pool table centric pendant feature, and two globe pendants above the bar. An oversized picture light accentuates the original oil painting above the custom-designed natural Lancashire stone fireplace. The built-in cabinetry, enhanced with LED lighting, directs focus onto artisan-crafted and nature-derived art. The oak drinks cabinet above the bar, with its foxed glass backing and LED lighting, highlights the client’s distinguished spirit collection.

To complete the project, a comprehensive acoustic solution, including in-ceiling speakers, a soundbar, and a sub-woofer, was installed to create the ultimate audio experience.

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