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Charterhouse Online’s one-year A Level programme


Charterhouse Online provides a genuinely alternative approach to A Levels that will suit students who want a one-year option because they wish to change academic direction; catch-up because their sixth form studies have been interrupted; perhaps need a back-up plan if they do not get the grades they need or simply because they want to do things differently and traditional school is not for them. Some students might want to study one A Level a year over a longer period to fit around elite performance commitments.

It’s a great concept, so we caught up with Karen Davies, Principal at Charterhouse Online, to find out how the programme works and who can apply.

Q: How can Charterhouse Online offer a one-year A Level programme?

A: Accelerated A Levels are based on a range of educational strategies that enable students to learn quickly and efficiently. The most important of these is called ‘flipped’ learning where students focus on acquiring the basic knowledge of a particular subject for themselves and then the time they spend with a teacher is all about using that knowledge to develop their understanding of the subject as well as how best to use it effectively in an exam situation. Charterhouse Online has a highly structured, day-by-day, self-study programme that supports students through the knowledge acquisition. Students do need to be well-motivated as well!

Q: What does a typical day as a student with Charterhouse Online look like?

A: Whether they are studying one, two or three A Levels, every student will have a live lesson with their teacher in every subject, every day. In addition, they will also have a live tutorial to provide support with their university applications or can drop into a live subject clinic if they need some extra help with a topic. On top of this they will do an hour of self-study preparation and around half an hour of ‘homework’ for each subject, every day. 

Q: Can Charterhouse Online students travel or be based internationally while they are studying?

A: Yes, they can study with Charterhouse Online from almost anywhere in the world. Obviously, they need to allow for the time difference in different countries in order to be able to attend the live lessons which are delivered between 08.00 and 14.00 in the UK. 

Q: How do you look after the wellbeing of students studying with Charterhouse Online?

A: The heart of our approach is based on the mantra that you need to eat well, sleep well and get plenty of exercise in order to study at your best. Social interaction, mindfulness and the availability of a listening ear are also vital. As part of the Student Induction Programme tutors will work with each student to plan how they balance their studies with their wellbeing needs and encourage regular use of the resources of our Wellbeing Hub. 

If you want to find out more, there is lots of helpful information on their website or you can contact Karen and her team on [email protected]


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