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Cheshire’s Finest wedding venues


Setting the stage

One of the biggest decisions couples make is where to tie the knot. Opening a special look at some of Cheshire’s finest weddings venues, Absolutely takes a trip to Knutsford.

The Courthouse in Knutsford, Cheshire, stands as a testament to both history and modern elegance. Housed within a magnificent Grade II listed building dating back 200 years, this remarkable establishment has been revitalised by Flat Cap Hotels. Today, it stands proudly as a stylish restaurant, bar, and boutique hotel, offering an enchanting setting for weddings, among other delightful experiences.


Renowned locally as the place to be, The Courthouse exudes an irresistible charm, making it ideal for couples seeking a truly exceptional wedding or other celebration venue. The stunning architecture, combined with the warm and inviting atmosphere, creates an ambiance that captivates all who enter its doors. With the ability to accommodate a range of events, The Courthouse sets the stage for unforgettable wedding ceremonies, receptions, and everything in between.

The Courthouse offers three impressive event spaces: the intimate Judges Chamber, accommodating up to eight people; the spacious Moneypenny Suite, capable of hosting events for up to 100 attendees; and the stunning Grand Courtroom, with a capacity of up to 300 people. Its prime location, only a short 20-minute journey from Manchester Airport and boasting convenient train connections to both Manchester and London, makes it an ideal choice for hosting a memorable wedding.

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At The Courthouse, Flat Cap Hotels has carefully curated a collection of remarkable bedrooms, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious stay for wedding guests. Currently, the venue offers 16 beautifully designed rooms, including dog-friendly options. As part of ongoing development, plans are in place to transform old prisoner cells into immersive and impressive accommodation, adding a unique touch to the overall experience. From the Signature and Superior rooms to the Executive suites, each one offers its own distinctive features, providing guests with a truly personalised stay. Amenities such as premium British-made toiletries, flat-screen TVs, homemade snacks, and plush bathrobes are thoughtfully provided, ensuring every guest feels pampered and indulged.

The Courthouse is deeply rooted in the local community of Cheshire, and it reflects this through its strong ties with local suppliers. Situated a short distance of the venue, a network of exceptional food and drink suppliers contribute to the creation of unforgettable dining experiences. This commitment to supporting the local economy enhances the authenticity and quality of each dish, adding an extra layer of pride to The Courthouse’s offerings. As a wedding venue, The Courthouse holds a special place in the hearts of those who choose to celebrate their love within its walls. The rich history of the building, combined with the modern amenities and exceptional service provided by Flat Cap Hotels, creates an enchanting and memorable experience for couples and their guests. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand affair, The Courthouse is the perfect backdrop for a wedding day that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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