Sweet Tooth? Discover London’s Prettiest Desserts

London's Prettiest Desserts

One for the weekend: desserts get the designer-factor with London’s most beautiful puddings

Words Joy Montgomery

Chocolate Glory at Bob Bob Ricard

If you’re looking for some wow-factor head over to Bob Bob Ricard. Their Chocolate Glory pudding is a golden orb of deliciousness, which melts away to reveal innards of brownie, Valrhona Jivara chocolate mousse, berries, and a passionfruit and orange jelly. One of the most decadent of London’s prettiest desserts…


Maître Choux Eclairs

Baked fresh every morning by three Michelin Star pastry chef Joakim Prat, Maître Choux create the prettiest eclairs you will ever see. Available to eat-in or take-away, the range is regularly updated with seasonal influences, using the freshest ingredients possible. Worth it just to press your nose up against the window and enjoy the stunning window display.


DIY S’mores at Flesh & Buns

Pillowy marshmallows, green tea white chocolate and buttery homemade graham crackers? Yes please. This interactive dessert from Japanese joint Flesh & Buns takes an American classic and gives it gourmet twist. Toast, sandwich and enjoy.


Le Freakshaker at Pond Dalston

All hail the freakshake, the monstrous milkshake that has taken Instagram by storm. Piled high with all manner of sweet treats – everything from cookies and doughnuts to brownies and cake – this is not one for the fainthearted. Le Freakshaker at Pond Dalston offers the mother of all freakshakes, which will satisfy any sugar fiend’s cravings.


Eton Mess Lunchbox at Dominique Ansel Bakery

From Dominique Ansel bakery – AKA the home of the Cronut – comes the Eton Mess Lunchbox. A mash-up of jam and mousse ‘strawberries’, mini meringues, black pepper, fresh basil and fromage blanc, this delicate dessert is the ultimate summer treat. The perfect celebration of good old British grub (made fancy, that is).


Bubble Waffles at Nosteagia Shoreditch

Created by two graduates who wanted to combine Asian flavours with local English fare, Nosteagia is the hot new foodie brand on the block. Inspired by egg puffs, the popular HK street snack, bubble waffles are the ultimate pick-up-and-go dessert. 100% vegetarian, they are made to order and can be topped with everything from classic strawberries and cream to peanut butter and cocoa pops.


Meringue Kisses at Meringue Girls

These cute ‘kisses’ from meringue girls come in a riot of rainbow hues. Perfect for parties, you can order them in rainbow tiers, wooden crates and individual boxes. Instagram filters at the ready…


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