Dr Raj Arora On The Facebible At The Fairmont Windsor Park


Berkshire-based Dr Raj Arora on why she launched The Facebible at Fairmont Windsor Park and how Virginia Water helps her get away from it all

Dr Raj Arora is one of the most prominent and well respected experts within the UK medical landscape. The Facebible was founded by Dr Arora in 2018 and is situated in the Fairmont Window Park Hotel. The clinic enables Dr Arora to practise aesthetic medicine in a way that she knows is both ethical and effective. The clinic’s ethos is to accentuate what nature has already provided through minor and subtle enhancements and is a strong advocate against changing patients’ appearance. Here we find out more about her work…

Were you always interested in medicine?

I didn’t always have an interest in studying medicine. In fact, up until a few weeks before UCAS deadlines, I was pretty set on applying to read Economics at University. I had a natural flair for it and it seemed sensible to apply for it. Then, there was suddenly an inner voice saying that I wasn’t challenging myself enough or pushing myself. I took a step back and decided that I wanted to study medicine – it excited me, it was super challenging, it involved working with people and I knew I would never get bored. Fast forward to now and I can confirm that I made the right decision! 

During your studies, did you have a clear idea of the direction you wanted to go in?

In terms of speciality, I had always wanted to be a surgeon but after securing a place, I realised that the work/life balance was going to be difficult and I didn’t want to have to make those challenging choices between a career and my family time. I decided to carve a career for myself and make it flexible so that I could explore other avenues as a doctor.

One of these avenues was to become a health educator; this is something I always knew I wanted to do. I have always enjoyed sharing knowledge. I completed my MBBS and also went on to do Bsc in Medical Education because I wanted to be well equipped to share knowledge, to teach colleagues, but more importantly to help inspire and empower patients to take control of their own health. I now try to do that by spreading awareness and knowledge through my social media platforms, through public speaking and working with health charities/foundations to raise awareness. 

Dr Arora
Dr Raj Arora

How would you describe yourself as a GP?

Friendly, approachable and professional. I like to create a community feel and to get to know my patient’s well. I am always willing to learn and grow my own knowledge base as well as learning how best to communicate that information to my patients. At a time where GPs are constantly slammed in the press for all the shortcomings of the “system”, I like to believe that I work with integrity and try to address my patient’s concerns as best as I can even in a pressured clinic environment.

How do you look to empower your patients?

Through providing them the knowledge that they need to take control of their own health. I am always there to support and advise my patients, but I feel that ultimately a doctor-patient relationship is a partnership. I like to treat it with respect and to have a two-way dialogue at all times. Patient centred care is very important to me. It’s empowering for patients to have a choice, and to make an informed choice when it comes down to their own health. 

Do you use your own experiences to help your patients?

At times, yes. I draw from my own patient experiences and often reference them if they are relevant to a patient’s care or journey. As doctors we are still human and we go through health issues and experiences too. I feel that being relatable and professional is a fine balance, but can really help a patient feel heard and cared for.

Why did you launch The Facebible?

I was seeing awful complications from injectables as an A&E doctor and felt that it was worrying that there was such a lack of regulation in the industry. I wanted to launch an ethical aesthetics clinic, where treatments are carried out professionally, complications are managed correctly and most of all provide a space that was safe and accredited. I also noted that as a GP so many young people came to my clinic with issues surrounding their appearance. They wanted to look like a “filter” version of themselves or wanted to emulate reality TV celebrities (who had had a lot of “work done”). I deeply believe that there is beauty in diversity and that our perceived aesthetic “flaws” make us unique. Preserving ethnicity and ensuring that treatments are carried out responsibly is so important to me. I ensure that all of this takes place at The Facebible Clinic. I also wanted to offer a 360 integrated wellness service with health, private GP, skin and aesthetic treatments all under one roof. I am so incredibly proud of the services. 

What kind of things do you offer there?

Skin treatments from bespoke facials all the way through to non-invasive face lift treatments like Morpheus 8. We have over 200 treatments on our menu. We also offer health services from private GP appointments, blood tests, smear tests to cancer screening and much more.

Why was the Fairmont the perfect location for The Facebible?

I was keen to make it a relaxing, calm yet still clinical setting. The fairmont is a luxury retreat in Windsor Park. It focuses around wellness and this made it the perfect place for me to launch. I always knew I didn’t want my patients to feel like they were on a “conveyor belt”. We have the time to spend with our patients and it never feels rushed or incomplete. There is a real comparison to my NHS clinics.

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Inside The Facebible at Fairmont Windsor Park

How do you look to manage your work/life balance?

I try to set time aside for downtime, time to reset and focus on self care. I’m a big believer in the idea that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Having experienced physical burnout before it has encouraged me to try and focus on achieving a work/life balance. I have a toddler so it’s not always the easiest thing to achieve, but trying is the first step and most weeks I think I am doing ok! 

Whereabouts in Berkshire do you live and what do you love about it?

I live in Virginia Water and I love being surrounded by nature and fresh air. A walk in Savill Gardens always feels good! I like the fact that it’s not crowded and that everyone knows each other. It’s a friendly place to live. Windsor is also not too far away and the cobbled streets are always a treat for a spot of shopping!

What can you tell us about The Arora Foundation?

The Arora Foundation was founded in 2010. To date it has raised over £4 million for worthy causes. My mother in law Sunita and I run the charitable ball every two years and since joining we have raised a total combined amount of over £2 million for causes such as Macmillan Cancer, Diabetes UK, BHF, Thames Hospice and the Royal Marsden. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a family, but there is still so much work to be done and we are very much aware of that. We are looking to shortlist the next set of charities – always a difficult decision to make.

Do you have plenty of ambitions still burning within you?

Yes. There is so much I still want to achieve both in my career as a doctor, but also as a health educator – the power and role of technology and social media in health education really excites me. I also want to champion for health equity and to push for equal rights when it comes to women and ethnic minority groups, especially, when looking at peri and post natal mental health. As an aesthetic doctor, I want to see more responsibility in the industry when it comes to treatments and younger patients. These are all areas that I am already working in and hope to grow further and to see the change we so desperately need.


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