Explore the Interiors of a House Spun from Wool


Wool is more versatile than you might think. Absolutely tours the interiors of an entire house spun from varying yarns

Words Pearl Boyd

The Campaign for Wool was launched in 2010 to educate consumers about the benefits of wool, promote wool-rich products to a national audience and help to support and grow the wool industry. Run by a coalition of industry groups convened by the Prince of Wales, the Campaign works to engage consumers through exciting fashion, interiors, artisan and design-led activities. And recently, they staged an entire interior on the theme of wool.

The campaign commissioned leading interiors stylist Karina Garrick to create this wool-themed interior. Her stunning creative installation showcases a young, vibrant and fun home for wool, which shows skills, craft and embodies comfort. It has brought to life through interiors, fashion and specialised wool products a reflection of living with wool and experiencing its many performance benefits to create the perfect wool home.

The Living Room

The Living Room showcases wool as you have never seen it before. Contemporary design and styling delivers a truly inviting space whose strong colour combinations and amazing textures make it the perfect place for relaxation. A Liberty print carpet from Alternative Flooring welcomes you into the room with a dazzling display of colour and pattern originating from the designs of William Morris. A unique spin on a breakfast table is crafted in a fun wool art installation by Jessica Dance entitled Full English Breakfast. Wool carpet artworks by Allistair Covell hang brightly on the walls complementing the Cooper Sofa from sofa.com, along with an eclectic mix of wool-filled cushions. Wall cabinets with bell jars display the different types of wool from a selection of sheep breeds.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom sits under the ever-watchful eye of a Herdwick sheep crafted in a stunning needlepoint tapestry by Melissa Watts. The room was created to enhance comfort and deliver a perfect night’s rest through a full array of wool products. The master bedroom introduces the ultimate luxury bed by Vispring, with a deep comfort wool-filled mattress and mattress topper. With a combination of Platinum Certified real Shetland wool and Platinum Certified pure British fleece wool, these products guarantee you the best night sleep. The master bedroom boasts the ultimate comfort of wool filled duvet by The Wool Room. Studies have confirmed that sleeping with wool-based products, duvet, pillows, mattresses, can improve your sleep by 25% (as stated by The Wool Room). Not only does the room boast the perfect combination of science and nature, it also is truly beautiful and superbly relaxing. Stunning hand knitted throws by Melanie Porter, knitted Exmoor Horn Wool cushions, Melin Tregwynt lampshades and Mystic Blue curtains by Mark Alexander will allow you to fully indulge in natural luxury and drift off to sleep peacefully.

Wool-kin Wardrobe

The Wool-kin Wardrobe showcases the versatility of wool through fashion, performance and innovation, always with a nod and reminder to wool’s natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits. Brands, designers and retailers showcasing their best merino wool products include M&S, Barbour, Christopher Raeburn, Finisterre, Sibling, Jack Wills, Paul Smith, John Smedley, Ashmei, Adidas, Armadilllo Merino, Smalls, Jigsaw, Anderson & Sheppard, Dashing Tweeds and Walker Slater. The room boasts a striking wool artwork piece by Sally Spinks along with a luxurious armchair by Melanie Porter. The Wool-kin Wardrobe is the place to dress, ready to impress, in only the best wool quality garments.

The Campaign For Wool – campaignforwool.org

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