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How extensions at Anthony Laban are the solution to all your hair problems

For many years, hair extensions have had a bad name. Sure, when they first came out 30 years ago, they were synthetic pieces of hair glued in. But they have come SUCH a long way since then. Racoon International have pioneered this change within the extension industry, and we are so excited to be working with them. Not only are they the ONLY extension company that have the ISO9001 award (which is an incredibly high standard to adhere to), they are also the only hair extension company to be independently trichologist checked and approved every 6 months, to ensure that no damage to the hair or scalp is caused whilst wearing their extensions. This along with their incredible quality of hair makes them the dream extensions to work with. 


Whether you’re wanting to make a small tweak in length and thickness, or if you’re wanting that waist length hair you’ve always dreamed of, there are multiple application methods to choose from. Not all methods are suitable for every client, so it’s important to be open to ideas about what kind of extensions you’d like. 

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The first step in achieving your dream ‘do, is to book in for a consultation with our extension specialist Taelor. During this appointment you will discuss all options suitable for you and talk through the maintenance to make sure that extensions are the right thing for you. If you decide to go ahead you will be colour matched for a seamless blend, then get booked in for your application. If you get your hair coloured, make sure your colour is fresh before your consultation! 

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The next step is application day! Once the extensions are in, they will be shaped and styled to suit you. Should you have any questions on styling this is a perfect time to ask!

After this, we can be contacted at any time should you have any questions about your new ‘do, and we love seeing you back for your first wash and blow-dry in salon with us.


– Why get extensions? 

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There are many different reasons to get extensions. The most common one is for making your hair thicker and fuller. A lot of people lack volume and density in their hair and this is a great way to achieve it without causing any damage. Extensions can also be used for adding length to your hair. Whether that’s just an extra inch, or an extra 4! Another great use of extensions is for ‘Hair In Recovery’ – this is a system exclusive to Racoon, where you can apply super tiny extensions to hair recovering from medical hair loss. If you’ve had chemo, alopecia or even female pattern baldness this is the method for you!

– How to care for them?

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Looking after your new ‘do can take a little bit more effort. Most methods need drying to make sure there’s no moisture contamination so that your hair lasts you as long as possible. Taelor will talk you through the aftercare during your consultation to make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with, so don’t worry if you have no knowledge of looking after them currently!

– How long do they last? 

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As long as you follow correct aftercare, your Racoon hair is guaranteed for a whole year!! This makes it incredible value for money.

– How often do I need to come into salon to have them re-done?

Maintenance is different for every client. Some need to come every 4 weeks, some every 10 weeks. Your appointment can vary between 1 hour and 8 hours, although on average is around 2 hours. It’s important you can make this a part of your schedule, as it’s a vital part of keeping your hair and scalp healthy.

Sponsored by Anthony Laban

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