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Marites Allen Feng Shui

What can we do to create a positive atmosphere in our homes? Celebrity Feng Shui expert Marites Allen shares how to create the ultimate environment for wellness in 2021

By Eve Herbert

Celebrity Feng Shui expert Marites Allen has been advocating Feng Shui for over two decades. She was the first Filipina to be awarded the prestigious title of ‘Master in Feng Shui’ by the International Feng Shui Association in 2013 and she has cultivated a wide global following from her own TV show, annual conventions and talks, self authored books. As well as consulting for Fortune 500 companies, Marites is also the CEO of Frigga Charmed Life, a lifestyle brand selling lucky fashion accessories.

So who better to provide the low down on Feng Shui, and how we can incorporate it into our lives, than the queen of Feng Shui herself?

Marites Allen Feng Shui Expert
Marites Allen

What is Feng Shui? Everything you need to know about the art of creating a positive space

What is Feng Shui and how does it help your energy?

Feng Shui is a science that dates back over 4,000 years and is based on categorising the universe or environment into five basic elements: fire, earth, wood, water and metal. Each element attracts either positive or negative energy. This energy is called Chi and it brings good fortune to those who are surrounded by it. The literal translation of Feng Shui is wind and water. Combining these two elements creates magical harmony as balance is achieved. Using the basic five elements in any given space is going to create more Chi, which means more harmony and thus more health and happiness.

Practicing good Feng Shui principles can increase energy levels and keep you physically and mentally healthy. Great interior design and space planning follows basic principles of Feng Shui. Sometimes without you even realising it, the way you position your sofa in relation to your television, or the way you position your head in your bedroom can affect your health — this is where basic Feng Shui principles can be useful for creating more positive energy within yourself.

Feng Shui ApartmentWhy is clearing clutter important and in which area of the home should we do it?

One main area to avoid clutter is the front entrance. Make sure shoes are on a shelf, not in a pile, and that keys, coins, and wallets are in a tray or hidden. If possible, place a plant in the entrance of the home, as a living plant is a great way to help Chi come in and flow through the space. One of the key elements with a front entrance is to make sure that there is not a direct line of sight to the back door. If there is, all your energy or good luck is going to leave straight away. The front door shouldn’t have direct access to a back door. If this is unavoidable, place a sofa, a chair, or even accent a table with a floral arrangement to block the pathway and allow Chi to land in the rest of the house.

Feng Shui DeclutterWhat is the key to Feng Shui in a shared space like a living room?

The first rule is bring as much natural light into the space as possible. Always have your drapes open to bring in light and good energy. Opening the windows also allows stale energy to dispel. The rule is to create or place square furniture in line with the room’s layout so that things will be squared off. This creates communication and conversation between those who live in the space.

Feng Shui Living RoomHow can you create good energy in the kitchen?

To have great energy in the kitchen requires one main thing: great lighting. The sink (symbolising water) should be on the north side while the stove (symbolising fire) should be on the south side, otherwise things will be off balance. Also, hide the knives in a drawer. Feng Shui is all about symbolism and knives represent discomfort. Hide your trash can in a cupboard under the sink. Keep a bowl of fruit on the counter: fruit symbolises abundance and health and wealth.

Feng Shui KitchenHow do you create more wealth, and success in an office space?

The first rule is declutter. Remove all loose paper on your desk; file it all in a tray. Hide unsightly cords. Cords represent competition. Most importantly, your desk must not face the wall. Make sure that you have a direct visual eye line to the door. This symbolises that you don’t want someone to sneak up on you.

Feng Shui OfficeWhat are the main rules for the bedroom and getting a better night’s sleep?

One of the questions that I get asked the most is where do I place the headboard in a bedroom? You want to make sure that when you’re lying in bed you have a direct visible eyeline to the entry door. Someone opens the door and you can see them right away so no one can sneak up on you.  Mirrors are a great way to help the energy flow especially if they reflect something really beautiful but they mustn’t reflect your bed. That’s like inviting  a stranger into your bedroom. If you’re married it almost symbolises that someone’s cheating.

Feng Shui BedroomFor home consultations, destiny readings, guidance on wellness and spirituality practices, auspicious dates and Geomancy Service, contact maritesallen.com. Shop lucky charms and guides at frigga.co.uk. Follow her on Instagram @maritesallen

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