Gleam Body: The Must-Have Product for a Winter Glow

Gleam Body

Founder of Gleam Body, Melanie Mills tells us about Gleam Body Radiance, the hero product you need to get that sought-after winter glow

Where did it all start with Gleam Body?

As the head makeup artist on Dancing With The Stars, I needed to perfect glowing sexy bodies for the cast but nothing on the market was working. I wanted the skin to glow while being evened out at the same time. It didn’t matter whether we were going for a serious tan – as the dancers loved – or not, I was after perfected, beautiful skin. Most importantly I needed it to not get all over the place or stain; that was a constant stress. Out of frustration I began mixing away and when I finally hit the right concoction it was the dancers that named it Gleam. 

What are some of the stand-out products?

Of course Gleam Body Radiance is the stand-out product (soon to be called Gleam Face and Body Radiance). It works amazingly as a primer but can be mixed with foundation too. Nowhere can you find one product that not only helps achieve a glowing complexion but also sexy legs. The product is easy to use and works for all skin types and tones to achieve six amazing different end results. Users can get a sheer glow or a kiss of colour, a bronze sheen, a deep tan or a glittering golden glow in an instant. Next I would say our innovative Gleam Body Sealing Spray – a lightweight aerosol setting spray that really locks makeup in.

gleam body

Who are the products aimed at? 

All women who want to feel and look better, but many men use Gleam Body too, especially in the fitness arena. Though the product can be used for any age (my Granma and mom don’t leave home without it ) the product is particularly popular with millennials right through to 40-somethings.

Talk us through some of the active ingredients and their benefits?

Gleam Body Radiance is water-based yet full of delicious moisturising oils like jojoba oil and olive oil, plus healing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E. There’s also Kalpariane, a wrinkle filler, and brown seaweed extract to help tighten skin. The product has a dry finish and doesn’t get all over the place or stain; it will stay put until washed off with soap and water. Everything is vegan and cruelty-free.

How do you like to use some of the products?

I love to use the Radiance creams in many different ways –  Opalescence after eye cream, under the eyes to brighten. I mix 1/2 peach deluxe with 1/2 foundation. Then when done with the foundation I layer more gleam on top of cheekbones. I’m currently obsessed with Disco Gold on eyelids as an eyeshadow alone or eyeshadow base. My everyday go-to on body and legs is Rose Gold. I then layer the Gleam Radiant Dust On top of cheeks, shoulders and chest. I then seal all my makeup face and body in with Gleam Sealing Spray.

gleam body

How does the brand promote body positivity?

We are all about confidence and feeling better in our own skin. I love how my products truly make people feel more confident to show off their legs or feel better in a swimsuit. Our mantra is ‘star quality beauty for every woman every day.’ Being Gleamalicious is a movement – Be a Gleam Girl and unleash your inner confidence and sexiness!

What’s next for Gleam Body?

Everyone loves the scent of the vanilla orchid essence that is in the Gleam Body Radiance and begs to have it in a candle or perfume. I’m pleased to announce that next year I will be debuting our “Hollywood” candle with that gorgeous scent. This will be the first of a series of candles that will feature my favourite cities around the world and the scents that remind me of those cities. I will be bringing back our Gleam Lip Radiance’s in new shades. I have eyeshadow palettes, pressed powders and other goodies in the works. Stay tuned and be Gleamalicious.

Gleam Body Radiance 100ml is £39 available, with all other products mentioned, at melaniemillshollywood.com and also available at mybeautybar.co.uk

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