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With winter in full swing, the negative effects it can have on our energy and health is widely known. We are all ‘beings’ that are comprised of different energy levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and care is needed for all of these. At Grey Wolfe, an exclusive space is provided to recharge your energy through state-of-the-art technology and holistic treatments, in a luxurious and chic environment. 


The hi-tech hi-touch wellness journey on offer is designed to energise and revitalise. The energy in the trillions of cells in our bodies are designed to keep us happy and healthy – so allow yourself to discover how the bespoke treatments at Grey Wolfe can regenerate them from within.

Grey Wolfe has a wealth of luxury state-of-the-art wellness experiences on offer, from an attuned massage curated to how the body is feeling, to a tuned facial that uses the healing power of 528Hz, which is proven in the repair of DNA. Everything is designed around you, your body and your needs that day. 

You may have heard of biotechnology, or ‘biohacking’, and not been too sure exactly what it is. Simply put it’s just another way to enhance your health. It focuses on preventing ailments including decreasing the risk of disease, optimising digestion and helps to achieve physical, mental and emotional changes – such as weight loss or easing symptoms of depression. 


The BioCharger uses nature’s energies which stimulate the body to optimise health, wellness and athletic performance with hundreds of recipes available and curated to your needs, the Rebalance Impulse can help with improving sleep, reducing anxiety, managing pain and so much more, the Lymphatic Compression Boots improve circulation, helps eliminate the effects of jet lag and decreases recovery time after exercise, while the Infra Red Sauna heats the body from the inside out, purifies the body of toxins and helps with muscle recovery and sleep and is great to de-stress after a busy day!

With the press calling Grey Wolfe “best for a bespoke experience” and magazines such as Vanity Fair stating “A transformation of both skin and soul” and Elle declaring it’s “a retreat for those frazzled by city life”, tune out of the world, into your body and re-ignite your inner light with Grey Wolfe’s contemporary treatments, available individually or as a complete package for a day away from it all…

Website: greywolfe.co.uk

Contact: 020 3606 0049

Instagram: @greywolfelondon

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