Royal Parks Half: Get Ready for Race Day with this Half Marathon Training Plan

half marathon training plan

We’ve teamed up with Royal Parks Half to get you ready for the big day. From beginner to seasoned pro, we’ve got the half marathon training plan to suit you

The Royal Parks Half Marathon is one of the city’s most iconic races, with a route that takes runners through London’s most beautiful green spaces. The 13.1 mile race, which this year takes place 14 October, takes in the capital’s world-famous landmarks on closed roads, and four of London’s eight Royal Parks – Hyde Park, The Green Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens. Whether you’re setting off on your first half, or are adding another to the belt, a half marathon training plan is always a good place to start. We’ve teamed up with Royal Parks Half to get you ready for race day. From beginning to advanced, one of the below guides is sure to suit you.

Beginner Half Marathon Training Plan

If you are completely new to running then take a look at a Couch-5K plan before starting this training plan. There are plenty of apps available to help you jump into your half marathon training, and you will be a stronger runner for it. When building the time on your feet during the Sunday Endurance Runs, think about your route, and if you need to, break it down into a Run/Walk session. The running guidelines break down a couple of approaches to Run/Walk.


Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

This plan builds from being comfortable running 5-10km and focuses on developing Endurance & Speed. When building the time on your feet during the Sunday Endurance Runs, think about your route. You can use the session to explore with friends. Head to your local park and map out a route. Running loops can be a great way to focus your pacing and know that you’re not too far away from home should you need to cut the session short.

half marathon training planAdvanced Half Marathon Training Plan

This plan builds on being a being comfortable running 10-15km regularly. Built around four runs per week, it focuses on adding speed work to improve your running efficiency, as well as getting you past the half marathon distance to allow your best performance on race day.

half marathon training plan

For more hints and advice, head to the Royal Parks Half Runner Hub where you can find more guides, events and tips to smash it on race day. There is still time to sign up for the Royal Parks Half with your chosen charity. Visit the website to view the charities taking part, then simply send them an email to apply.

For more information, visit royalparkshalf.com

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