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Helena Clare Is Helping People Navigate The World

Lightseekers Way

Would you love to have insight into your children’s happiness and health, your relationships, your next promotion or job or maybe just understand what the world is all about with its challenges and current craziness?  

A senior executive, mum and clairaudient spiritual teacher, Helena Clare, has founded The Lightseeker’s Way platform to help individuals of any faith access their own highest guidance. ‘A third of Britons believe they have a guardian angel while 10% claim they have experienced the presence of angels,’ she says. ‘Angelic communication combines the extensive benefits of meditation with 24/7 access to the wisest guidance available.’

Here are some facts

1) Meditation increases wellbeing and longevity, reduces anxiety and depression, reduces high blood pressure and increases staff performance, CEO visioning and emotional intelligence. Albert Einstein meditated on riding a light wave for months in advance of finding his Theory of Relativity and Steve Jobs used meditation to expand his creative visioning.

2) Heaven – the neurosurgeon Eben Alexander in his book Proof of Heaven explains medically how his experience whilst ‘brain dead’ during a coma, is proof that heaven exists. The psychologist Michael Newton in Destiny of Souls provides case studies of countless clients who, under hypnosis, consistently spoke of the same loving ‘in between lives’ world that we return to when we die. 

3) The Field – Lynne McTaggart in the Power of Eight summarises how leading universities have found groups of individuals meditating on a specific intention can statistically significantly change the Ph of water, heal themselves or others of major health problems, and even reduce warfare and crime.

‘People frequently tell me I’m the most resilient person they know. Even my physician says with all the trauma I’ve experienced I should have a serious medical condition, instead all my health indicators are excellent. I’ve been in a destructive marriage and divorce, experienced the trauma of having a severely disabled child with multiple near-death hospitalisations, while having senior exec roles and during economic and Covid stresses. Instead, I am happy and so are my children. And I’ve met a lovely soul mate. This has been possible because of my ever-present divine, unconditionally loving and intensely wise Guidance. This is a gift that I want to share.’

The Lightseeker’s Way signature 7 Day Angel Challenge online course is designed for busy parents and professionals new to meditation and angel communication. Taught through videos and meditations it has email and Private Facegroup member support (100% money back guarantee).

The course is drawn from Helena’s forthcoming book The Lightseeker’s Manual – How to Communicate with Angels, Raise Your Vibration and Save the World. 

Lightseekers Way

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