How To Make A Design Statement In The Bedroom


Emma Vans Agnew, Design Director at Fabrics & Papers, on how to get the most out of your bedroom’s design

You spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in the house – so it needs to be a special, beautiful, sumptuous space, somewhere where you are happy to spend private time. We all love to visit smart, expensive hotels, so why not get the look in your own home?

With popular interior designers such as Kit Kemp leading the way with her bedroom designs for the collection of boutique Firmdale Hotels, upholstered statement headboards have become increasingly popular. They unapologetically hog centre stage, stealing the show and adding a touch of drama to the room.

When designing any room a focal point can dictate how you decorate the rest of the space. In your bedroom a statement headboard can be exactly that, in its proportion, scale and pattern. Large scale floralsgeometricstheme fabrics and abstract patterns look especially magnificent, fabrics with bright colours, high contrast, attract attention and make the biggest impact in your room.

The idea of colour, vibrancy, and bold patterns would be a fantastic focal point, but scale and shape can do the same if in a plain, simple pattern and maybe a contrast piping to add a little detail can give as much impact in the room. 

Arboreta Fabric Navy Blue

The shape of the headboard can change the look of your room – large high headboards, lovely curves, give an instant impression, heightens the room at the same time giving it a softness. A rectangular headboard, with some detail, applied border, contrast piping, nailing or buttoning, makes for a smart and slightly more masculine look.

Twin headboards can also give a great effect, either butted together or when the beds are pulled apart. The overall effect can give the room focus, for example a simple single arched headboard together provides a lovely gothic effect. In children’s bedrooms fun and jolly fabrics on the headboard, or primary colours with contrast piping, can really make an impact.

A bedroom no longer needs to be to be a discreetly decorated traditional area of your home. With a statement headboard you have the chance to try fresh design ideas and remind yourselves of a special night away at a boutique hotel.


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