How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel

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How to make your bedroom feel like a 5-Star Hotel with DotcomBlinds

Anyone who has spent a night in a 5-star hotel knows it’s often the small details that emphasise the comfort and luxury. Sure, a view to die for, exceptional service and a mini-bar within arm’s reach certainly helps, but as the Design Experts at DotcomBlinds explain, you’re not far off of achieving it for yourself at home. With a few of these suggestions and a splash of inspiration, you’ll feel like you’re waking up on holiday every day!  

Here are eight points that the design team DotcomBlinds say you need to turn your ordinary bedroom in to a 5-star luxury room.

Upgrade your mattress

Upgrading your current mattress to a hotel grade mattress will let you feel the luxury as well as see it in your bedroom. Better temperature control, support and comfort will all contribute to a better night’s sleep and overall wellbeing. A new mattress is probably the biggest step in achieving that 5-star hotel feel, and it’s something we highly recommend considering.

Luxurious Bedding

Why do hotel sheets always feel much nicer than the ones you have at home? This is down to the quality. High thread count cotton sheets feel soft and cool but are also very durable. The colour? Well, it just has to be white. Combine with a luxurious down comforter and you are on track for one of the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

Blackout Blinds

Your luxury hotel-room-inspired-bedroom would not be complete without high quality blackout blinds. Whether you combine them with curtains or not, having a blackout blind in your bedroom will help to keep it nice and dark when you’re sleeping and keep it cool in the summer months. Chain controlled is standard but it’s worth considering an electrically operated blackout roller blind for the added ease and comfort. 

Stick to a Theme

Pick a theme and stick with it. If you’re going for a chic minimalist modern approach to your interior design, carry it on through the whole room, including furniture choices, lighting and even the en suite, as well as in terms of colours. Don’t go overboard, think calm and restful as a busy bedroom will make it hard for you to get that all-important shut eye!

Fresh Flowers

Call me old fashioned but fresh flowers are a real indicator of care and attention to detail that you just don’t find with the fake plastic variety. It shows that the room as recently been attended to and that care has been given to make the room feel welcoming and relaxing. A bunch of flowers or a singular flower in the right vase in the right place really can be a small touch that completes a space. 

Hotel Style Furniture

Your hotel inspired bedroom will not be complete without an armchair and ottoman – it’s a staple for all hotels and the easiest way to trick your mind into feeling like you’re on holiday. Plus it’s a lovely spot to tuck yourself away to relax with a book for an hour or two in the tranquillity of your bedroom.


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