Refresh your Skin Care Regime with this Winning Mask from skin689®


We’ve found a winter-skin solution in the Bio Cellulose Hyaluron Face Mask; an instantly hydrating, soothing and sustainably created sheet mask from skin689 ®

Miracle sheet mask from skin689

Sheet masks are having a moment. Hailed for their ability to efficiently give your skin the instant boost it needs, minus the mess and inconvenience of their clay counterparts, they are fast becoming the go-to skin saviour. But with so many on the market, it’s hard to decipher between brands and price points. Do they really all work? At Absolutely, we’ve discovered a real winner. Enter the Bio-Cellulose Hyaluron Face Mask from skin689®.

First and foremost, the Swiss skincare company really knows what it’s doing. skin689® is all about using the most highly effective, active ingredient-based cosmetics from Switzerland. In each product, you’ll find a winning combination of innovative, exclusive and proven active ingredients for your best skin care regime yet. The Bio Cellulose Hyaluron Face Mask is one of the best in the business for giving your skin a real hit of moisture. It instantly quenches thirsty dermal layers and remedies tightness in the face. It’s ideal for travelling and treating cabin-dehydrated skin after flying. Likewise, for girls on the go and gym-bunnies, it works wonders to refuel the skin post-workout, as well as soothing tired eyes after a long night on the tiles. 

But that’s not all. Created from fine natural fibres extracted from coconut water, the Bio Cellulose Hyaluron Face Mask also wins points in the sustainability stakes. It’s made in a biotechnological process and fermented into a gel-like tissue to fit like an effective second skin, down to the finest line and wrinkle.

The mask is infused with proteins such as amino acid complex to additionally nourish skin cells, and hyaluronic acid to replenish and fill wrinkles from the inside out. Other trade secrets of this super mask is that it contains Adenosine – an ingredient involved in the making of collagen. This means that it can relax muscles and facial expressions, giving users an immediate smoothing effect.

Tips for using the mask

There are two foils – one front and one back. Peel off the first and directly apply the gel sheet to the face. Once the mask feels firmly in place, peel away the second foil for the easiest and quickest application.

Go that extra mile

For further cooling effects and to give the skin that extra kick from this mask, put your mask in the fridge for 15-20 minutes prior to use.  

Bio Cellulose Hyaluron Face Mask by skin689® is £5.90/per piece at skin689.com

If you loved this product and want to try more from skin689®, visit skin689.com where you can discover the Firm Skin Decolleté and Neck, the Crème Anti- Cellulite and the Firm Skin Upper Arms

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