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Interview With Yorkshire TikTok Influencer Monica Geldart


Yorkshire-born and bred Monica Geldart tells Natalie Li about finding her comedy voice and future spouse on social media.

If you told Monica Geldart back in 2020 that her future full-time job would be as a content creator and she’d find love on Instagram, she would have laughed at you.

Embracing TikTok During Lockdown

Just before the global pandemic took hold, she was an arts technician in Harrogate with dreams of becoming an actor. “I joined TikTok in May 2020 when school was shut and we were in lockdown. I used to see the kids at school on it all the time, doing dances, but I didn’t think it was for me,” she grins.

“I did wonder what it was all about, so I downloaded it. I had plenty of time on my hands – it started a whole new world of creativity. I loved it and thought it was brilliant! Lip syncs were ‘in’ at the time, so I started uploading my own – I was having so much fun, and I began watching people performing their own comedy skits, particularly the teacher spoof. 

Monica Geldart

Fueling Comedy with Personal Experience

“I’m a huge fan of Catherine Tate and Victoria Wood – so I thought I’d create my own sketches. My personal experiences as a student and art technician began to shape my content creation,” explains the upbeat 25-year-old.

Viral Success and The Impact on Life

The Virality of Relatable Skits

Propping her phone up and hitting record to create snappy observational comedy clips on the video-sharing app has transformed Monica’s life – earning her a jaw-dropping 60 million likes on TikTok, 100,000 followers on Instagram, and a slew of brand partnerships. She beams at her achievements, still in utter disbelief. “This is now my full-time job, and it feels weird saying it. My teacher skits have received the biggest viral hits because the content is so relatable to viewers.”

Monica performs other school-related characters in her clips, including a receptionist, a student, and the stereotypical mum to Maisie, a character inspired by her own mother. “I do ‘the mum’ skit a lot these days,” she says. “It’s the day-to-day interactions that influence me. From seeing the way someone walks or hearing the way they talk – it gives me the best ideas.”

Remembering Roots and Embracing Change

Sheffield-born Monica moved to Harrogate aged two, later attending Rossett School. Drama played a central role in her early life, she explains. “I was in all the plays and drama clubs,” she recalls. “I struggled academically, and drama was the only subject I really wanted to do. I didn’t get into university after sixth form, and aged 18, I had no money and didn’t know what was next for me. I stayed at my high school as an art technician – it was a chance to work for a year and earn money.

“While working, I started getting drama auditions in London. I was looking at schools like Lamda and RADA, but when I read some of the materials, I freaked out! I didn’t think I could do it.”

Monica stayed in the art technician role for four years while also embarking on an Acting for Screen diploma at the Yorkshire Academy of Film and Television in Leeds. “I really wanted to perform, and when lockdown hit, I thought, ‘Why not do something about it?’. TikTok gave me that platform. Comedy is something I love, and it’s grown.”

Reflecting on her newfound TikTok fame, Monica remains sanguine. “It was bizarre at first – people get personally connected to you and follow your journey. While I have the loveliest audience, I sometimes feel disconnected – it’s all character-based and not actually me,” she admits. 

“After doing this for three years, I’ve come to accept that people won’t like you or what you do. If they don’t know you personally, you can’t take it personally! Comedy is subjective; some people find it funny, and some don’t. I delete the horrible comments. The one comment I roll my eyes at is when people say women aren’t funny. You can’t insult all women. It’s ridiculous and misogynistic!”

Love Found on Instagram

While the social media star’s career has flourished, so has her love life. Monica recently moved to be with fiancée and actor Connor Calland, best known for playing Jordan Price on TV soap Hollyoaks. Her face lights up as she recalls their first ‘meeting’.

“I met Connor on Instagram. He saw my videos through one of his friends, a writer and actor, who shared my clips on her Instagram stories. He thought I was funny, so he messaged me, and we got chatting about the acting world. He asked me out for a drink, and I said: ‘if you’re willing to come to Leeds’. So, he did.”

The couple confirmed their engagement earlier this year in what Monica describes as the “biggest shock of her life”. “I had no idea what Connor was planning! He wanted to propose one Wednesday during a walk with our dog Nellie on the beach. He took me to the dunes, but it was so windy, and I was complaining, saying, ‘The wind is in my eyes, and I need to get home to work.’ I was being a nightmare,” she laughs. “Connor finally got down on one knee when we returned home.”

The Stray
The Stray is a favourite local haunt

Two years on from their first date on Greek Street in Leeds, the loved-up couple are already planning their 2025 wedding. “It’s been a whirlwind,” admits Monica. “Our plan is to stay in Southport near Connor’s family, but who knows if we’ll head back to Yorkshire. I loved growing up in Harrogate, and I always returned to see my friends and my mum. I also visit my dad in York. Connor and I love walking in Hookstone Woods, and whenever we drive past The Stray, I remember the good times. I’m nostalgic, especially driving past the school where it all began.”

Monica also discovered good friend and comedy collaborator Chris Hall, a fellow TikTok star and actor. Together they have written a short YouTube sketch show called Jobsworth.

“I met Chris on TikTok after watching his hilarious millennial skits,” Monica explains. “Jobsworth is our improvised project, which we’d like to expand and create a sketch show with different characters and get some unreal talent involved.” 

Monica’s Reflective Outlook

Despite her remarkable rise, Monica is humble about the future. “You know it’s good to have ambition and motivation, but sometimes I look back and remember how far I’ve come.”

Follow Monica online @monica_geldart

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