Kirkby Design’s Second Collaboration with Eley Kishimoto

Kirkby Design Eley Kishimoto

Kirkby Design’s second collaboration with Eley Kishimoto is bold, striking and distinctive and pairs excellence with humorous fantasy.

Words Pearl Boyd

Creativity and excellence are paired with humorous fantasy in Kirkby Design’s second collaboration with ‘the patron saints of print of the fashion world’ Eley Kishimoto. Kirkby Design and Eley Kishimoto originally joined forces back in 2017 with a range of textiles and wallcoverings that captured the vibrancy, originality, and personality of both brands.

For 2022, with the same visionary values, the two brands have reunited, taking the collaboration to new sophisticated heights by further exploring Kirkby Design’s experimental nature and penchant for extreme textures with Eley Kishimoto’s daring and decadent use of colour and pattern. Kishimoto’s Mark Eley says: ‘ I believe that with the integrity and quality of our relationship, we can continue with our collective vision to make the interior world a prettier, more comfortable space.’”

Distinctive in its eclectic and contemporary appeal, this collection of fabrics, wallcoverings and accessories, effortlessly combine signature graphic designs with innovative textures. The collection includes six different prints. Flash is an Eley Kishimoto signature and comes in a decorative weave in distinctive wool bouclé, as well as a handwoven wallcovering. The natural texture of handwoven raffia provides a contemporary backdrop for this digitally printed, strikingly modern design.

A Kirkby Design Studio fantasy collaboration, Graphic Fairytale is a distinctive and playful hero piece which has everything. Using elements from across the collection to narrate a story, this design is eclectic, retro and yet contemporary. Woven on a traditional loom, a tapestry like quality displays a graphic scene that combines design elements from across the Kirkby Design x Eley Kishimoto II collection.

Not just a pretty face, a floral design of highly stylised roses and thorny geometric shapes offers the perfect hybrid of graphic and organic design in Jagged Roses, which is a decorative velvet elevated by a unique contrast of scale and texture, a bed of sharp, thorny roses is illustrated through a fine cut and uncut cotton velvet. Woven on a traditional loom, this design offers fascinating luxury.

Home Centre takes its inspiration from honeycomb, the iconic structure created by bees. The simple interplay of hexagons and circles uniquely allows for multiple design interpretations in the quintessentially playful style of Eley Kishimoto. In the decorative weave formed by cut and uncut velvet, geometric shapes create a sophisticated, small-scale design with a satin sheen ground. With an unapologetically bold aesthetic, the Home Centre wallcovering sees metallic inks printed onto a natural wood pulp, adding further intrigue and an element of the unexpected in this three-colour design.

In Origami Rockets, the effect of multiple folded paper aeroplanes in flight is created by an arrangement of basic geometric shapes in a range of muted and colourful shades. Complexity and simplicity characterise an endlessly intriguing design. The decorative velvet comes in six new shades and the 3D appearance of the design is accentuated through textured cut and uncut velvet. For the printed wallcovering,the perfect complement to Flash and Jagged Roses, this textured plain is presented in a range of contemporary shades. A handwoven, natural raffia wallcovering which creates subtle texture and a stylish statement.

Jordan Mould’s influential British interiors brand, Kirkby Design, has a contemporary and sometimes playful approach to innovative design and colour. Creating distinctive textiles from its in-house studio in London, Kirkby Design has also pioneered unique collaborations including the successful Underground collection with Transport for London.

Established in 1992, London-based print studio Eley Kishimoto gained global notoriety through a plethora of outputs ranging from fashion, to diverse architectural and design collaborations. Although initially celebrated for their vibrant fashion collections, the company has now become renowned for their ability to decorate everything. Having created designs for top fashion houses including Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton, Eley Kishimoto also have their own successful fashion label.

To shop the collection, visit kirkbydesign.com

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