Cosmic Girl: Lara Bohinc’s Collection Uses Geometry Inspiration


Lara Bohinc’s new collection is inspired by the planets

Words Eve Herbert

Lara Bohinc likes geometry. ‘My obsession with all things round and spherical is explained in the new collection’s title,’ she says. ‘These shapes are essential to our perception and understanding of the world.’ Her latest works for Bohinc Studio demonstrate her expertise with metalwork techniques, whilst bringing forward her geometrically and celestially inspired signature style. All the new pieces are made in small artisanal workshops in Italy, and combine traditional craft and modern technology in metalwork as well as in ceramics.


Bohinc Studio was launched in 2016 by Lara Bohinc for the exploration of furniture and object design. With Since the World is Round, Bohinc Studio presents chairs for the first time, a vanity console and matching chair, and home accessories comprising of vases, candlesticks and boxes.

In the collection, Lara Bohinc develops her stellar themes, finding inspiration in planetary and lunar orbits, whose gravitationally curved trajectories drive the lines and shapes of the chairs. Constructed from thin square rod, the chairs are elegant, minimal and delicate. They are finished in galvanised steel and wool fabrics by Kvadrat in orange, red, pink, petrol and black. The Solar Chair (pictured) has an asymmetric frame and its reflecting circles suggest the rising and setting of the sun. It is constructed from playful lines that incorporates circles, half circles and squares.


The Lunar Chair is distinguished by two enveloping crescents for armrests, and a smaller backrest which, like a moon, circles its planet on an orbit of its own. The Orbit Chair features dramatically inclined circular armrests that hold the round back above the larger circular seat, suggesting a moon in orbit. The armrests arc down in a graceful trajectory to meet the front legs and the single rear leg further enhances the chair’s simple lines and space around the seat.

This Celeste Console has an elegant and playful form made from square brass galvanised steel rod frame, that contrasts with the fresh blue of the verdigris patinated copper surface, sides and drawer. The design plays with circles and straight lines to create a piece that is delicate and light but complex. Two different mirror shapes accentuate the wave in the console’s surface and its flowing, light form.

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