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For Obed Marshall, a young artist and designer in Spain, having a space where he could feel inspired to create was essential. However, in his small studio apartment, he barely had enough room for his scrapbooking materials. His goal to add more storage to the studio initially led him to buy extra shelves and rearrange side tables to account for an ever-growing collection of craft supplies. In the already limited space of his apartment, this was clearly not the ideal solution.

After numerous attempts to declutter his studio and make more room for new craft projects and supplies, Obed came across the DreamBox through CreateRoom. The unique hideaway design and its ability to store a vast amount of crafting supplies helped Obed succeed in transforming his small studio into the perfect place for all his creative projects. 

To learn more about Obed’s transformation with the DreamBox, we asked him to share a few helpful tips on how to organize a small studio apartment with ease:

Tell us about how you organized your studio! Do you have any advice for creators who might be struggling to set up a creative space in their home?

The DreamBox by Create Room is a big help for organizing spaces and special craft areas. Craft supplies can sometimes be difficult to organize since there are so many categories and sizes of products. The DreamBox is the best solution because of the functionality of all the bins and spaces that are made just for this. My advice for small apartments and crowded studios is organization. Organizing your supplies in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way will definitely really help your productivity. 

How has the DreamBox helped you create extra room in your studio for your crafting projects and supplies?

My DreamBox is the absolute best organization piece I have ever had. Before my DreamBox, I had all kinds of different sized furniture pieces to organize all my supplies but it was not efficient at all. Having my supplies in different locations only made me work slower. Now, with my DreamBox not only does it create extra space in my studio but my favorite part is that it is functional. Having the supplies I need at hand in one place has increased my productivity when I sit down to create.

It can be overwhelming to set up a new creative space. What do you recommend?

Organizing and decorating can be overwhelming at first. I recommend avoiding trying to do everything at once. Take your time to organize and purge what’s needed. Once everything is organized in a functional way, then go ahead and start decorating.

You use the most vibrant colors in all your scrapbooking and DIY projects. We are curious, what helped inspire your unique color palette? How have you incorporated that palette into your studio decor and your DreamBox?

I love adding color to everything I make. My color palette is inspired by my favorite colors: yellow and blue in addition to some other colors that I just love like orange and light green. I love my color palette so much because it just brings me joy and inspiration. I knew I had to incorporate my color palette in my new studio decor and DreamBox. I did this by trying to add my color palette in each area in different ways, I also balanced all the colors with white, another color I love.

Curious to see the rest of Obed’s studio transformation? Check out his exciting DreamBox journey below or visit obedmarshall.com.

Founded in 2005, Create Room™ is on a mission to help people create room in their lives for more joy and fulfillment through creativity, starting with a dedicated workspace. Shop the DreamBox and more at uk.createroom.com.

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