Meet family-owned Danish furniture makers Carl Hansen & Søn

Carl Hansen

At Carl Hansen & Søn, every piece of handcrafted furniture tells a story

No matter what era a design comes from, whether from the golden age of Danish Design or from the first decades of the 21st Century, every piece of furniture and every handcrafted lamp produced by Carl Hansen & Søn comes with a unique and meaningful story. Every piece tells a story about the strength and beauty of nature, a story of a designer with a vision to combine elegance with practicality, a story of craftspeople passionate about both tradition and innovation. And, of course, once a piece of furniture leaves the factory and finds its way into someone’s home or business, an entirely new story begins.

Among Danish furniture designers, Hans J. Wegner is considered one of the most creative, innovative, and prolific. Often referred to as the master of the chair, he designed more than 500 – many of them considered masterpieces. Hans J. Wegner was part of the spectacular generation that created the first wave of Danish Modern design. “Many foreigners have asked me how we created the Danish style,” Wegner once said. “And I’ve answered that it was a continuous process of purification and of simplification – to cut down to the simplest possible design of four legs, a seat, and a combined back- and armrest.” 

The core of Wegner’s legacy is his focus on showing the inner soul of furniture pieces through a simple and functional exterior and his background as a cabinetmaker gave him a deep understanding of how to integrate exacting joinery techniques with exquisite form. 

Hans J. Wegner had the special ability of designing furniture that harmonised with its surroundings while staying relevant for the future.

His aesthetic was also based on a deep respect for wood and its characteristics, and a vast curiosity about other natural materials that enabled him to bring an organic, natural softness to formalistic minimalism. 

Hans J. Wegner created a series of chairs for Carl Hansen & Søn in 1950, including the Wishbone Chair, which has been in production at Carl Hansen & Søn ever since.  


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