Military Dress: 21 Cool Khaki Pieces to Introduce to Your Wardrobe

Military Dress: 21 Cool Khaki Pieces to Introduce to Your Wardrobe

Stand to attention with the khaki-coloured trend that’s updated the traditional military dress with these 21 pieces that are perfect for summer

Words Sabrina Nunez

Traditionally, military dress conotes regalia, clean lines and rigidity. Luckily, fashion has reinterpreted military dress and transformed it into a trend that’s stylish and utilitarian. The perfect colour for festival fashion, khaki is great for summer. The shade provides a neutral base more exciting than monochrome, while still working alongside pops of orange, gold and red.

Military dress has made its way into every aspect of fashion, from heels and handbags to sunglasses and maxi dresses. While feminine cuts on jackets and skirts make the trend flattering, boxy and oversized shapes keep it modern and effortless. 

High-end designers add subtle touches to classic pieces that make them more interesting and keep the trend from erring on the side of safari costume. The fedora style on a wide-brimmed hat from Maison Michel or cool tiny studs on the collar of Valentino’s jacket with large front pockets add interest without taking away from an outfit. 

We like military dress in outfits with layers of head-to-toe beige and khaki tones. Pieces with large pockets, ruffles and exposed zippers with varying textures makes it effortless. Using khaki as a base also works when mixing patterns or adding contrasting hues like royal blues or crisp whites.

Swapping in khaki pieces for your regular staples is an easy way to update your wardrobe. Khaki jackets are a fresh alternative to black leather, while wide leg culotte trousers and jumpsuits are a cooler option than denim. With this trend, it’s all about having fun taking classic pieces and easily modifying them to suit your style.

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