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Needle-Free facelifts

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Dr Kim reviews the triLift, a highly innovative needle-free facelift for the face, jawline and neck

It used to be that some “good work” would have your friends asking for your doctor’s details – but now a successful facial tweak is more likely one that leaves them asking where you went
on holiday. The new generation of needle-free facial treatments are not about changing your face, but rather about perking it up in an indefinable way, leaving you looking radiant and rested.

The world of aesthetic treatments has come a very long way from the days of ice-rink smooth foreheads and swollen trout pouts. Aesthetic reports indicate that 1 in 4 of us are considering an aesthetic treatment but increasingly, patients are asking for non-injectable treatment options and interest is growing in less invasive yet highly effective techniques to deliver a more natural approach to anti-ageing.

Ageing is a natural part of life but we are not always ready when we see it reflected in our faces. Facial ageing is about so much more than wrinkles on the skin surface. It starts and continues with loss of volume in the muscles, bones and soft tissues below our skin, and simply filling areas of loose skin with dermal fillers without addressing the loss of elasticity or reduced muscle tone
can lead to a less natural outcome. The introduction of a treatment for both face and neck that combines innovative muscle stimulation technologies with radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening and hybrid energy RF microneedling has created waves of excitement in the world of aesthetic medicine.

You may already have seen the social media coverage of US celebrities raving about the results from the Lumenis triLift. The newly packaged triLift machine may not be available in the UK as yet, but you will be able to try this treatment in any advanced clinic with the Lipofirm
MED+ on its treatment menu. The triLift (also called the Legend PRO or Lipofirm Pyramid Plus in the UK) uses sophisticated technologies to target each layer of the face in a way that optimises rejuvenation for that particular area. It also has the advantage of being suitable for all skin types.

A sequenced protocol combines in-motion muscle stimulation and radiofrequency, with or without radiofrequency microneedling, to reposition facial tissues, increase dermal thickness and improve skin texture and skin tone. Hybrid energy microneedling conducted through a highly advanced electrode array is delivered precisely where it needs to go to increase the volume in
the skin, without having the unwanted side-effects of loss of facial fat pads in the face, or prolonged redness and swelling.

Other muscle stimulating facial treatments are now in development and the Emface has arrived in the UK with lots of media attention. It’s only targeted certain areas of the face for now but there were hints at the launch that the company might be working on a treatment for neck and under the chin, so keep an eye open for that to arrive in the future.

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