10 Series to Watch on Netflix this Autumn

Autumn Netflix

November is about curling up in an oversized jumper and binging on your favourite Netflix series. Here’s our pick of the ones to watch this autumn.

Words Charlotte Emerson and Helen Brown 

The Crown | Series 1

Autumn Netflix
The Crown follows the historical reign of Queen Elizabeth, aged 25, after becoming a newlywed and her attempts to form a relationship with current Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. Learn about the happenings that were concealed behind the closed doors of Buckingham Palace, away from the public eye, as a new Queen and political era rises.

Series premieres November 4th

The Fall | Series 3

Autumn Netflix

The third, and possibly last series of The Fall, which has just finished airing on BBC2 is now on Netflix. Filmed in Northern Ireland, this crime drama series starring actor Jamie Dornan, is a beautifully put together bit of drama that is filled with suspense. It follows the twists and turns in the lives of two hunters — one is a serial killer who preys on victims in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the other is a female detective drafted from the London Metropolitan Police to catch him. The killer is hiding in plain sight, so who will come to on top?

Available now on Netflix 



Tale by Light | Series 1

Autumn Netflix

Tales By Light is a series uniting exploration, photography and the natural world. It follows photographers from Australia and around the globe as they push the limits of their craft. Track their journey as they push themselves to take the rarest and most extraordinary shots of nature, both in the ocean and on land.

Series premieres November 11th


The 100 | Series 3

Autumn Netflix

The wait is finally over for fans of The 100; Season 3 is set to make its re-appearance onto the Netflix series list. With a generous 16 episodes to savour, you’ll be hooked from the start with overflowing cleverly choreographed action, romance and bombshells. First, they fought to survive.Then, they fought for their friends. Now with the war finally over, they will fight for the human race. This is a series not to be missed, with a finale leaving you consumed with longing anticipation for the next one.

Series premieres November 16th


Paranoid | Series 1

Autumn Netflix

When a local woman is murdered on a children’s playground, three detectives step in to help solve the case. However, it soon becomes clear that there is more to this ever darkening mystery than meets the eye, as they travel across Europe following notes left by the ‘Ghost Detective.’

Series premieres November 17th

3% | Series 1

Autumn Netflix

If your kind of series is brimming with suspense, thrills and action, you are going to relish in every moment of 3%. In a dystopian world sharply divide by progression and devastation, only a lucky few will survive. People are given the chance to make it to the ‘better side’ through completing cruel and unfair tasks, however only 3% of candidates are said to make it.

Series premieres November 25th

Black Mirror
| Series 3

Autumn Netflix

Charlie Brooker’s dystopian drama of dark scenarios and satirical tales is back for a bigger, better and darker third series. This time featuring six stand alone dramas, series three explores themes of humanity and taps into collective uneases of the modern world, such as status obsession and the sinister side of social media. Expect a wider variety of tone, an excellent roster of musicians to score each new episode and the familiar uneasy yet enthralling viewing offered by series one and two.

Available now on Netflix 

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life | Series 1

Autumn Netflix

It’s been nine long years since we last visited Stars Hollow but the quirky fast-paced comedy drama is returning to our screens. Lorelei and Rory are back in four 90 minute episodes, each representing one season in a year. Series 7 left things uncertain between Luke and Lorelei, so expect that to be addressed, along with infinite amounts of coffee and crushes; surprising cameos and pop-culture references. If the trailer is anything to go by, this is one series not to be missed.

Series premieres November 25th

Designated Survivor | Series 1

Autumn Netflix

Following a mysterious explosion at the State Capitol building, obscure politician, Tom Kirkman, is sworn into Presidency as the single remaining member of the US Cabinet who might lead the country. Kirkman is a “straight shooting” family man; his political stance combines the Liberal’s idealist view of what a president should be and that of a Right Winger’s. He is a low level official stepping into the most important shoes in the country; so how will America fair?

Available now on Netflix

Reign | Series 4

Autumn Netflix

A highly fictionalized series which follows the early reign of Mary, The Queen of Scots, from the year 1557. Living in the French Court, engaged to her future husband Prince Francis since aged six, Mary is content with challenging the political and social expectations of the era. The series also follows the stories of several maids in the Court, searching for husbands of their own.

Series premieres November 7th

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