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Next-generation Healthcare For Your Newborn

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Next-generation healthcare for your newborn with Biovault Family.

Ethical and successful, Biovault Family explains the life-saving capability of your baby’s umbilical cord blood.

A new generation of babies are growing up protected by an exciting new kind of health insurance. This protection is unique to your child’s needs, entirely organic and potentially lifesaving. Stem cells are extraordinary, and the ones left in the umbilical cord blood and tissue after birth are especially powerful. These lifesavers can regenerate to replace any damaged blood or tissue cell in the body.


Perhaps the most exciting recent development in stem-cell science is the discovery that the umbilical cord is packed with mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Like the stem cells in cord blood (HSCs), MSCs can renew and differentiate to create new specialist cell types. But unlike HSCs, which develop into blood cells, MSCs can differentiate into any tissue type such as bone, nerve, tendon and muscle. The potential to use cord blood and cord tissue stem cells to treat disease and injury is enormous and scientists are investigating treatments for:

• Alzheimer’s disease

• Autism

• Bone fractures

• Brain injury

• Burns

• Cerebral palsy

• Cystic fibrosis

• Diabetes

• Hearing loss

• Heart attack

• Liver disease

• Macular degeneration

• Multiple sclerosis (MS)

• Parkinson’s disease

• Spinal cord injury

• Stroke

While some trials are in very early stages, therapies for severe autism and MS are already helping patients internationally. Biovault Family offers the processing and storage of cord tissue to facilitate the future potential of MSCs and is engaged in research and development. Its website’s Health Hub offers up-to-date news on trials and patient stories.


Cord blood stem cells represent a pioneering area of medicine, having been used for more than 30 years to treat blood cancers, immune and metabolic disorders and solid tumours.


Collecting your baby’s cord blood and tissue only takes a few minutes. Biovault Family has made the process as simple as possible so that you can focus on your baby. There’s no need to make changes to your birthing plan, and you can still have a natural third stage and delay cord clamping. In fact, most mums say they didn’t notice the collection take place! Everything needed is in the collection kit, including instructions to share with your birthing partner and the healthcare professional who’ll collect baby’s cord blood, and you’ll be supported at every stage.


Biovault has released over 4,000 tissue and stem cell units for transplantation as the NHS South West Peninsula Transplantation Service’s tissue bank.

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