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Other Side of the Moon. Jodie Kidd: A Tapestry of Talents

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Absolutely Sussex heads to her pub in Kirdford to see what 2024 holds in store for the multifaceted Jodie Kidd.


Given we are similar ages, Jodie Kidd has been someone whose career I have personally followed. Her emergence as a model coincided with my youthful attempts at socializing with the opposite sex, making her work particularly intriguing. Then came her numerous TV appearances, which provided abundant material for a budding journalist like me, followed by her known passion for fast cars as I delved into “Top Gear”. Now, as I venture into my 40s, a local country pub is my retreat of choice. It’s still a surprise, nonetheless, to find Jodie behind the bar when visiting the Half Moon in Kirdford. “I was born and bred in the area, so I’ve known about this pub since my childhood,” she says, her gaze sweeping across the cozy bar area.

Childhood and Early Beginnings

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Jodie’s journey before the Half Moon saw her growing up with a notable talent for showjumping, attending St Michael’s School in Petworth as a child. “I had a very happy childhood filled with love, the great outdoors, and horses in beautiful Sussex,” she reminisces. The accessibility to both Brighton and London always felt like a luxury, she notes.

The Fashion Industry and Beyond

Discovered at 15, Jodie’s modeling career was nothing short of extraordinary. She reflects on the exciting times of fashion in the 90s and early 2000s, feeling incredibly grateful for the experience. Fast forward to 2024, she admits modeling doesn’t hold the same importance, but acknowledges the invaluable lessons and memories from that time.

A New Chapter: The Half Moon

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Eight years ago, Jodie embarked on her pub venture not to add a celebrity moniker to it, but to save it for the Kirdford community. With no prior experience, she spent a couple of years learning every aspect of the industry. Her dedication is evident at the Half Moon, which presents itself as a warm, inviting establishment with a diverse range of craft beers, delicious snacks, and a continually evolving menu driven by a passionate kitchen team.

Overcoming Industry Challenges

Jodie candidly discusses the hospitality industry’s hardships from Brexit difficulties to the pandemic’s severe impact, and now the cost-of-living crisis. Despite these adversities, the pub has thrived thanks to a fantastic team and the loyalty of patrons. She emphasizes the crucial role rural pubs play in the community and advocates for more sustainable policies to protect these local establishments.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Passions

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In addition to running the Half Moon and being a mother of four, Jodie is now a co-owner of the beauty brand, Skin & Tonic. She praises the brand’s commitment to natural, organic products and eco-friendly practices. Beyond the beauty industry, her love for cars persists with her YouTube channel, “Kidd in a Sweet Shop,” where she continues to explore her automotive interests.

A Look Ahead

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As the conversation winds down, it becomes evident that Jodie’s life is a bustling intersection of her roles as a mom, pub owner, businesswoman, and car enthusiast. With a relaunch of Skin & Tonic and other projects in motion, her days are packed, yet she’s never felt more animated and engaged with life.

Discover more about Jodie’s pub, the Half Moon, at

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