Poggenpohl on creating a premium kitchen

Building: Poggenphol Chelsea Studio Location: London, U K

What makes a premium kitchen? It’s all in the details, says Poggenpohl

Premium products are often set apart from mid-market competitors with design components that are so subtle, they take the most discerning eye to spot them. In this instance, the door fronts are book-matched with vertical grain in Smoked Oak. The division of where each door or drawer starts and another one finishes is almost invisible, allowing the beauty of the wood and the overall design to take centre stage.

The resurgence of darker hues has definitely been seen across all Poggenpohl Studios, and on this kitchen the cabinetry has been paired with paler worktops as well as metallics to help lift the room and bounce light around the space. The walls are decorated with antique bronze mirror glass; a subtle take on mirrored finishes in the home, it creates muted reflections and warms the space.

Here, the designer opted for open wall shelving, for the client to display sentimental as well as more visually appealing items, while the large drawers and doors below the Calacatta Imperiale Porcelain are for every day crockery and cutlery. A fabulous addition to this space was the creation and installation of a bespoke hanging shelf from the ceiling above the peninsula. Made in the same Smoked Oak as the doors with an embedded LED strip for overhead task lighting.

The ‘Showcase’ glass fronted cabinets that sit under the hob on the return of the island also have Antique Bronze Mirror Glass in the backs, sending light bouncing around and filling the inside with a soft, warm glow. The glass on the doors is tinted, and it’s encased in bronze Aluminium frames. These stunning display cabinets with integrated lighting, can be used for decorative items, as well as ornaments that should be protected from little fingers.

By using open shelving, rather than filling the walls with cabinets, the room can appear lighter and brighter. But there is no shortage of storage in the kitchen for all those necessary pots and pans. In fact the use of large drawers can offer a much better ergonomic use of storage. The end result is a truly stunning space that will stand the test of time and will continue to be a real ‘wow’ factor when guests arrive into this home. 

There are 17 Poggenpohl studios in the UK. For your nearest or for further information, please visit poggenpohl.com or call 01727 738 100.

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