Fresh Start: Getting healthy for good


Dr Philip Bazire, Medical Director of PronoKal UK, explains how to get healthy for good

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Overweight and obesity are currently in the news because they can increase the severity of COVID-19. In reality, they have been present for decades as an epidemic with enormous long-term health consequences, though political and social fears have prevented effective action from being taken. To find out more, Absolutely spoke to Dr Philip Bazire, Medical Director of PronoKal UK, a company dedicated to health through weight and lifestyle management.

Can dietary treatments for overweight and obesity really be effective?

Yes, they definitely can. I see it in my clinic every day. We use an integral nutrition and lifestyle programme, the PnK Method, performed under medical supervision. Our patients receive continual, individualised support from nutritionist-coaches and a personal trainer, regaining health through weight loss and moderate physical activity. And importantly, we follow this with dietary re-education to help patients develop their own preferred healthy diet that they can maintain long-term to prevent weight regain.

Don’t these diets leave you feeling hungry and weak?

No. One of the great advantages of the PnK Method is its ketogenic diet, which minimises hunger despite the very low calorie intake. The body soon adapts to burning fat rather than sugars, keeping up energy levels; this means patients are still able to exercise, which, together with our extensively researched protein formula, maximises muscle preservation. The very low fat content of the PnK diet means the fat you burn is from your own fat stores, so weight loss is rapid.

What’s the difference between PronoKal and other programmes?

The PnK Method is designed to protect muscle and reduce inflammation, the underlying cause of obesity-related disease. The improvement in numerous metabolic alterations brings remarkable benefits for type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases. Other ketogenic diets typically have a higher fat content, so weight loss is slower. And low-calorie diets often cannot provide sufficient protein, leading to a loss of muscle as well as fat.

How much weight can people lose?

I say “How much weight do you want to lose?” With PronoKal, the aim is long-term health rather than a specific weight based on a medical index. I felt Boris was very half-hearted with his suggestion of five pounds, but even that improves health. While some of our patients only want to lose a few pounds, others need to lose two or three stone, or more, and with PronoKal they can achieve it. Just imagine their health benefit.

What about the risk of obesity-related diseases?

Apart from the current risk from COVID-19, weight loss using a healthy programme such as PnK Method reduces the risks of many chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s and certain cancers.

Visit pronokal.com/uk or call 0207 183 2391 to talk to a nutritionist and find a PronoKal doctor near you.

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