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With so much to enjoy in life, protecting your future health is crucial. Keeping track of your health, however, is sometimes easier said than done – faced with time pressures across our work and social lives, it can become all too easy to lose track. 

Randox Health provides a solution to this problem, with both at-home and in-clinic tests available as part of Randox, the largest healthcare diagnostics company from the UK and Ireland. 

Our comprehensive list of tests allows you access to real-time insights and unrivalled health data that helps you to understand your health better.

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Each one of our personalised health packages are tailored to suit you and your needs. At a time, date, and location of your choice – you can avail of our full-body health MOT’s that test a broad range of health areas at once or investigate the areas that specifically matter the most to you, with most results available in less than a week.


With the Randox Everywoman and Everyman health tests you can get unrivalled health insights relating to your full body well-being with a simple blood test and take action to help prevent future illness. Repeat testing is included to help you track your health data and identify areas for further improvement.

All that is required is a thirty-minute appointment at a health clinic near you and we can provide you with a health plan and results report with advice on what to do next.

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Regular review of your health data is key to understanding and maintaining good health and wellbeing. Randox Health’s simple blood tests provides a wealth of data from which you can better understand your hormonal, heart, kidney, liver, thyroid, digestive and nutritional health. Available from £295. 

Fertility and Female Health Checks:

Randox Health also offers a range of female health checks. 

Fertility Health:

Get unrivalled insights on your ovarian reserve and hormone levels. Ideal for anyone trying to conceive or thinking about having a baby. Available from £159.

Menopause Health:

Understand your hormone levels better and learn how changes due to menopause or perimenopause could increase your risk of conditions like diabetes and osteoporosis. Available from £129.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone Testing:

AMH is a hormone produced by the follicles and is a measure of ovarian reserve helping to indicate the number of eggs a female has left. Available from £55.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS):

Measure the levels of several key hormones linked to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and better understand your risk of associated conditions. Available from £159.

Thyroid Health:

Thyroid disorders can impact weight, sleep, and energy levels. With this test you can understand your thyroid function. Available from £49. 


This comprehensive health check for women both prenatal and postpartum, is suitable from twenty weeks pregnancy onwards. 

This includes three diagnostic health checks, with up to 150 data points linked to key health areas measured. Available from £320

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Whether you are a professional athlete, a fitness fanatic or just starting on your fitness journey, our Everyathlete health programme will provide key health insights to help optimise your training and nutrition for maximum performance whilst achieving your health and fitness goals. With over 80 data points linked to your general health as well as specific tests for hormonal, sports nutrition and muscle health are measured with repeat testing included to help you keep on track, stay motivated and monitor your health data. The Everyathlete programme is perfect for anyone who wants to be proactive about their health, establish their health baseline prior to training and track their health data throughout training. Available from £199. 

The results gained from any of our Randox Health checks provide quantitative, scientific data when reporting on the markers used which provides a detailed representation of your health in that area. 

Bringing this to the attention of your GP, allows you to not only get a more accurate interpretation of your current health status but knowingly make lifestyle changes allowing you to prevent future health risks. 

In addition to diagnostics, the clinics also offer treatment options, such as vitamin boost injections and IV drip therapies.

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