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Sam Saadet on The Apprentice, Essex and The Mummy Movement

sam saadet the mummy movement

Essex through and through, Sam Saadet reflects on her time on The Apprentice, her unique app for mums, and why Buckhurst Hill really does have it all.

Sam Saadet on The Apprentice

An Authentic Candidate

Essex through and through, Sam Saadet reflects on her time on The Apprentice, her unique app for mums, and why Buckhurst Hill really does have it all.

Perhaps it’s deliberate – car crash TV is seen as a way to pull in the audiences – but in the recent series of The Apprentice, it’s very easy to dislike most of the candidates. They either come across as incredibly arrogant or ridiculously stupid, so it’s hard not to have a giggle when they are fired one by one. But Sam Saadet was different. Sam appeared authentic, friendly, and, shocked, extremely likeable.

sam saadet on the apprentice

Her Experience on the Show

“I hadn’t watched the show in years if I’m honest and I feel like that actually worked in my favour because I was completely authentically myself and wasn’t trying to simulate previous candidates,” says the Buckhurst Hill local. “I went in blind and took every task as they came.”

Despite being fired in week six, Sam insists her experience on the show was positive. “It was a real-life experience,” she says. “I did a lot of things I’d never do, such as jumping into a gorge in the highlands (I am so not an outdoorsy person!). It also taught me a lot about myself, my resilience and really fuelled the fire in my belly for my business. It’s confirmed to me that being myself is enough and that I am capable of so much more than I thought. When you become a mum it can be easy to have self-doubt and it made me realise I’ve still got it!”

From Entrepreneur to Mother

Early Business Ventures

Being a mother is the key element to Sam’s business ventures today, but running things has been natural to her for many years. “I have always been entrepreneurial,” she smiles. “In terms of business experience, I did a bit of everything; it’s where I get my Del Boy nickname from! But mainly sales, I started my first business at 18 in sales recruitment, went on to work in Malta on a whim, then spent most of my 20s within sales businesses helping them grow.”

A Life-Changing Moment

Then came a life change that inspired a new business direction. “When I first became pregnant, I was adamant I’d go back to work as soon as I could. Of course, that all changed the second I had my firstborn, and that’s when I decided I wanted to create a business that helps mums in ways that helped me and something that I could do around my children so I can also care for them,” she explains. “It’s a huge adjustment, but I now have a business that I have a true passion for, and I get to be mum at the same time, so I couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t have this or have a real purpose to drive myself if I didn’t become a mum so it really made me who I am today in a positive way.

The Mummy Movement

The Birth of an Idea

“When I fell pregnant, I actually wanted to keep fit more than ever because I thought that now is the time to really look after myself in preparation for birth and for motherhood,” Sam adds. “So I started literally just doing pregnancy-safe workouts from YouTube because I couldn’t find any information on safe ways to exercise through pregnancy. Once I gave birth, I continued it as a way to look after myself, but also boost my mental health. I found that exercise truly helped me, and I wanted to help others in the same way, so I took my pre and postnatal fitness qualifications around a baby and came up with The Mummy Movement. That started as simply an Instagram page offering free live workouts then sending them via Dropbox links – and mums were really loving them.”

Evolution and Success

The Mummy Movement has become a real hit, so much so it has evolved fairly quickly. “Today, we have an easy-to-use app offering weekly pre and postnatal workouts, a mum and mum-to-be-only community chat, help with calories, meal tracking, progress tracker, smartwatch sync, and just everything you’d want as a mum starting their fitness journey all in one easy app.”

sam saadet

Fitness After Motherhood

How tough is the fitness side after becoming a mum? “It can be a massive hurdle, mainly mentally. But also due to the fact that you can’t just go to the gym if you want, you need to get childcare for it. However, that’s why I encourage home workouts and it’s all about not overthinking it. There’s no right or wrong way to work out, as long as you’re doing it safely and you’re moving then that’s it! No judgement at home, get the kids involved, have them climbing all over you, but at the end of the day, those 20-30 minutes out of your 24-hour day will make a real difference to your physical and mental shape as a mum which you’ll be truly thankful for in the long run.”

Mental Health and Community

The mental side, too, is a key driver behind The Mummy Movement. “I think every mum goes through their own journey, but we all share similar struggles,” Sam says. “I never advise mums to do things the way I do things, but I simply share my real day-to-day life, and I think that makes other mums realise they’re not alone on certain things. It’s ok to have bad days, and you’ll also have good days, it’s normal, and no mum should ever be judged for it.”

Life in Buckhurst Hill

Running The Mummy Movement also gives Sam the opportunity to enjoy the world around her. “Buckhurst Hill is such a lovely community. My little one goes to the local school, and I get all the school mums involved, too. We also do a lot of walking to keep fit, involving a walk to Queens Road ending up with a nice little coffee,” she smiles.

Loving Essex Life

“I grew up in Chingford, but actually spent most of my time in Loughton where a lot of friends lived. Then at the age of 21, I moved out with two friends to a flat on Loughton High Road and have been in Essex for the past 12 years, having bought a house with my husband in Buckhurst Hill five years ago now and I love it here! I mean, I could list a favourite for everything in Buckhurst Hill; The Three Colts for a drink or roast on a Sunday with a lovely little beer garden for the summer. IG9 for a coffee. The Green Owl for a gorgeous brekkie. Tandoor At The Chambers for the best Indian food you’ll ever eat. Gosht, for a lovely Turkish. Unique Nails for a pamper. The Play Hub for the kids to have fun…”

The Future

The future, for Sam, looks pretty much nailed on. “To continue to grow The Mummy Movement, continue to be the best mum I can be, and just working hard to give them a great life. I just love being able to be myself and truly help other mums. I lead from example, that if I can do it then they can too, and give them the motivation that they are allowed to be the best versions of themselves. I just love empowering other mums.”

The Mummy Movement
Instagram: @themummy.motivator

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