South Yorkshire Band The Sherlocks Collaborate With Ben Sherman


Yorkshire born and bred indie rock band The Sherlocks have recently collaborated with fashion brand, Ben Sherman. Drummer Brandon Crook tells Holly Phillips more

The Sherlocks were founded in 2010 by brothers Kiaran and Brandon Crook, and along with friends Alex Procter and Trent Jackson, who later joined the band, they have steadily built their loyal grassroots following while performing on the live circuit. It’s often said that hard graft eventually pays off; this can be said of The Sherlocks’ path to success. With every release, new album, or live tour, the band have achieved increasing acclaim and are a hot band to watch in 2023.

The Ben Sherman Global Artist Foundry was created as a venture to engage and partner with musicians, artists, and creatives. It is a support system to help foster creativity for talent at every level, from unsigned, to breakthrough and well-established talent – and their collaboration with The Sherlocks is out now.

The Spring/Summer ‘23 Signature Collection design inspiration leads with vintage bandana print patterns reworked into the brand’s iconic signature silhouettes with a modern twist. Designs feature laundered textures on shirting and pay homage to a vintage archive aesthetic. Key highlights include the conversational paisley seersucker shirt and other bold prints with a handcrafted artisanal feel re-invented into the collection as knitwear and woven shirts.

Absolutely Yorkshire found some time in Brandon Crook’s busy schedule to find out all about it.

Ben Sherman The Sherlocks Fin Hr

First things first, how did The Sherlocks come about?

It all started really organically. We used to play football, but one day we ended up just jamming in my dad’s garage and then we got the bug for it! From there we started selling out all the local pubs and clubs, it was chaos.

South Yorkshire has a hot indie scene, so how did growing up there influence your music?

Well growing up, Arctic Monkeys were exploding on the scene so it was impossible to ignore! Another great band growing up that we used to listen to was Milburn, an incredible band.  

You’ve had many successes, and have supported many legends on tour, what has been the highlight of your career so far?

Supporting Liam Gallagher and Kaiser Chiefs on their tours were absolutely incredible! Supporting King Of Leons in Sheffield will also be a special day for us as it’s where me and Kiaran watched our first ever gig, so to play there in front of 13,000 will also be special.

You are known to have a very loyal fanbase, what’s the key to achieving this?

I think it’s just communicating with our fans as much as possible on socials, but also on the ground, in the pubs. We spend so much time with our fanbase, it’s an important part of being a band. Without our fans we are nothing. This band is theirs as much as it’s ours.

What’s the one fashion item that always makes you feel confident on stage?

A good pair of shoes/trainers are a must have for me!

Describe your band’s style in three words…

Cool, casual and smart.

How did you feel when you were approached to be the face of Ben Sherman Global Artist Foundry’s SS23 Campaign?

It was a really great moment for us. We’ve always worn Ben Sherman growing up, so to get the call was like a dream for us.

Ben Sherman The Sherlocks Fin Hr

What do you think of Ben Sherman’s initiative to combine music and fashion?

It’s the way forward, music and fashion has always and will always go hand in hand.

How does the brand resonate with The Sherlocks?

It’s cool and has heritage, we were over the moon with the campaign and the shots have come out amazing!

The collection favours trending colourways, advanced patterns and vintage concepts. What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

I love the polos, they look class. Cotton polos, especially the patterned ones! 

What can we expect from your next album, People Like Me and You?

I don’t wanna big this album up too much as I know when people hear it they’ll understand it’s the most complete and best album we’ve ever made! It’s got everything, just wait until August…

What do the next few years for The Sherlocks look like?

We are looking to take things to the next level with some big outdoor shows for all our fans that have stuck with us over the years. We’ve got four albums now and there will be some big celebrations marking that.

thesherlocksmusic.co.uk / bensherman.co.uk

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