Earn Your Stripes: 20 Linear Pieces for the Season

Earn Your Stripes: 20 Linear Pieces for the Season

Elevate the look of traditional stripes with the season’s latest offerings. Our 20 picks will stylishly outfit you in the pattern from head to toe

Words Sabrina Nunez

Every year, stripes make their way back into shops, but this season they’re bolder than ever before. No longer resigned to boring neutrals, designers aren’t holding back, turning stripes into statement pieces. Clashing colours and mismatched hems definitely shake things up.

This take on stripes is made even more exciting by the fact that they’re taking over accessories as well as clothing. Missoni has made the ugly sandal more wearable with chunky straps and fun colours that are finished off with a large buckle. Gucci translates its classic logo onto leather for a chic handbag that might become as popular as their famed loafers. Monies dresses up your ears with an asymmetrical pattern suitable for black-tie affairs. 

As for actual clothing, we’re going beyond the chic effortlessness of a French-girl breton. Instead, lean more towards Alexa Chung’s cool ability to wear the pattern anywhere. Think knits covered in 80s colours like Isabel Marant’s deacon sweater, or add a touch of glamour with voluminous, wide-leg trousers a lá Rosie Assoulin. We’re also partial to the unexpected with designers like Etro taking dresses and skirts and giving them hemlines and patterns that purposely don’t match up.

Stripes have quintessentially been an easy pattern to wear, so remember that when approaching a bolder piece. The graphic lines, architectural flares and questionable shade pairings on the market right now are just zany enough to work. This season, it’s all about minimum effort for maximum style.

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