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The Buckinghamshire Family Changing How We Shop For Children


KIDDYKIND is a digital department store dedicated to making conscious shopping for kids more convenient. We speak to co-founder, Jagroop Sahi, to find out more

What were you and your husband, Amar, working in before Kiddykind?

I have 11 years of experience in the tech industry as a business analyst for software development projects. Amar worked as a project manager in the construction industry for a top tier consultancy firm. 

What inspired you to launch Kiddykind?

After having children we became much more conscious about the products we were buying. I would spend a lot of time researching to find items that were natural, less toxic, eco-friendly and consciously manufactured. The trend I noticed was that most of the products that suited my checklist were created by small businesses that weren’t always so easy to find. KIDDYKIND was inspired based on this experience. With my experience as a business analyst I would help small start-up companies launch platforms and innovative ideas to market, and so we decided to embark upon the journey ourselves. Our mission at KIDDYKIND is to make conscious shopping for kids more convenient, so that inspiring planet-friendly brands can be found quickly and easily. 

Jagroop Sahi

How do you want to be different?

Our key platform ethos is natural, ethical, sustainable, so all items on KIDDYKIND have been vetted to ensure they are eco-friendly and produced consciously. The majority of the brands on KIDDYKIND are small, parent-led or family-run businesses who have created fantastic products based on their experience as parents and their needs. We will continue to support the small businesses as KIDDYKIND grows. Our mission is to change shopping habits by making sustainable alternatives more easily available and accessible for purchase. We want to create a platform that works for our sellers, customers and KIDDYKIND as a business and so will continue to also keep investing in technology that provides benefits to all. Based on this KIDDYKIND has been shortlisted as the Tech Start up of the Year for the Women in IT Awards. 

Have you always been eco-conscious – and why is it so important today?

We became more eco-conscious after falling pregnant with our first daughter in 2017. For us it started with the products our baby was being exposed to, and slowly spilled into other elements of our lifestyle. Becoming more sustainable and eco-conscious has been a journey where we have made small changes along the way so that they can be sustained, with some changes and swaps being easier than others. We have found that the number of products and eco-conscious brands available today is greater than what was available when we first started our journey in 2017. 

Being more eco-conscious and a more conscious consumer is so important due to the impact we could have on the climate crisis. We have seen a growing number of examples over the last few years of catastrophe caused by the climate crisis, and we have the ability to make a real change and start to reverse or at least halt further damage being made to earth. 

Kids Organic Sleeveless Dress Pockets Ducky Zebra Hot Air Balloon Print X
They aim to make shopping eco-friendly for families

What have been some of your most popular products?

Some of our most popular products include indoor playroom items such as balance boards, ball pits, slides, bunting, bean bags and accessories; mindfulness items such as the yoga cards, breathing boards, and breathing guides; activities such as playdough and activity cards, games and packs; weaning ranges, clothing, wooden education resources and natural play make up.

Do you have anything new for 2023?

In 2023, we have launched three new brands including reusable nappies which we hadn’t listed previously and have confirmed many other brands including new products such as canopies, rocking horses, wrapping paper and gift cards. In 2023 we plan to expand not only the number of brands, but also our product offering to cover a larger range of categories. 

You are based in Buckinghamshire – whereabouts and why originally did you want to move there?

We are currently based in Great Missenden. As a teenager, I grew up in Chalfont St Giles, so we both knew the area. After living in London during our university and early career years we decided to move to the more peaceful Chiltern Hills and surrounding area. We knew that in the next few years we would be looking to expand our family and so wanted to buy a house in a scenic, non-condensed area, with good schooling and the ability to easily commute to London when required for work. We are very happy with our decision to move to Great Missenden and raise our children here too.

Kids Sitting On Chair
KIDDYKIND offers a wealth of choice

Can you name some of your favourite places in Buckinghamshire?

We like spending time outdoors when possible and enjoy walking around Shardeloes Lake in Old Amersham. 

Missenden Abbey is very local to us, and is a lovely place for an afternoon tea and a stroll around their beautiful gardens. 

We enjoy spending time at Wendover Woods, there are so many things to do to keep the little ones busy and when we feel very adventurous we visit Go Ape. 

The kids enjoy visiting the Roald Dahl museum for a fun afternoon out or Playtrain (indoor soft play) to burn off some energy. 

We enjoy visiting different restaurants around Buckinghamshire with some of our favourites being The Polecat Inn, La Pluma, The Grocer at No.7, Koyo, Rex (café), and Lomito. 

How do you like to get away from work and the pressures of running a business?

Being parents of two young children (1 and 5-years-old), in the evenings we have dedicated time where we are completely switched off from work and spend quality family time, which we find really helps in the day to day. 

When we have a bit more time we love to be out in nature and particularly enjoy travelling to see and explore the world. The act of travelling has become more challenging after having children, but once we arrive at the destination it is so wonderful to see your children experience a different culture and environment. 

What are the long term plans for Kiddykind?

Our plan this year is to continue to grow and bring on board more inspiring brands to create an extensive choice of consciously created products for kids. Our long term goal is to make a positive impact on shopping habits so that consumers choose eco-friendly products as the norm rather than a one off considered purchase.

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