The Cheshire Link To The Latest In Nutritional Supplements

Verve is the latest in nutritional supplements

The nutrition entrepreneur Oliver Cookson, who founded MyProtein, is now aiming to repeat that success with Verve, which is based in Cheshire

What inspired the launch of Myprotein?

Being fascinated with sports nutrition, as well as the web. I saw this amazing opportunity, and I believed in my web skills and my ability to sell a great product. One of my strengths is being a bit of a futurologist, as I have an ability to see what’s going to sell in years to come. 

To help inform that vision is obsessive research and determination. So I researched 100 plus protein products (in the process developing this habit of deconstructing products – that habit stuck, and has grown, in fact). I felt strongly that I could create something that would work, but I had no money to start a business. 

So, I borrowed £500, and I started MyProtein, the only brand to own ‘cow to customer’ and the first to build an online brand.  

copy of copy of verve life style 38
Verve is the latest nutritional supplement launch by Oliver Cookson

What did you want to offer that was different?

I didn’t invent whey protein shakes, which had started in the US perhaps 5-6 years earlier, but no-one was selling them online, let alone as a vertically integrated brand. With my brand, we blended it, flavoured it, marketed it online and sold it via ecommerce, did the fulfilment and then all of the aftercare customer service.

Thanks to quickly mastering e-commerce, and being an insider of the fitness community, I understood the market and how to serve it. So I could have a new idea based on what people in the gym wanted next from their nutrition, then literally create a new formulation, adjust the website with my own coding, and start selling it pretty much right away. No-one else was doing anything like that, and customers loved us for it.   

How soon did you realise you were onto something?

Quickly. Every single day we had more orders than the last. Within a short time, months, the ParcelForce guy came to collect our orders and said he couldn’t fit them all in the van. At that point we had to expand and professionalise it more with systems and specialist staff to expand it.

Now you have launched Verve – tell us about it…

Verve is the next stage in nutritional supplements. It’s my super-exciting new brand designed to boost your vitality, vigour and energy. 

Our first product is V80, a multinutrient drink, in powdered form, which I call ‘more than greens’. In fact it’s way more than greens. It’s just a convenient way to get healthy with 80 high quality, active ingredients chosen by myself and a top European nutritionist. People think it’s amazing, and report it boosting their vitality, energy levels, immune function and wellness. 

We developed it to have more than 200 wellness benefits, and unlike other multinutrients, Verve is the only one that is 100% transparent about the ingredients. So it’s the only supplement of its kind where you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. For me, it’s the next big thing in nutrition. 

Whereabouts in Cheshire is that operated from?

We’re currently in Alderley Edge, not far from my house, but will soon move to bigger offices nearby in Wilmslow. I think Cheshire is an absolutely brilliant place to run a business like Verve. There’s loads of great talent here – we’re hiring some amazing people from the area – the travel links are good, the wellness and food scene is fantastic. It’s just an amazing place to have a business.   

Oliver Cookson, founder of Cheshire business Verve
Oliver Cookson’s new business Verve is based in Alderley Edge

Can you pick out your three favourite places to visit in Cheshire?

Mottram Hall is decent for a nice spa and unwind session, and the gym there is good. Victor’s in Alderley Edge is handy for me and nice for brunch, lunch or dinner food, as it’s always bright and airy whatever the weather. Sticking with Alderley Edge, the woodland is a great place to get away from it all, a great place for a run where you can view the Peak District National Park.

You didn’t ask for a fourth and technically it’s in Manchester, but as I’ve been a City fan since I was a kid, I have to include the Etihad Stadium!

What are your hopes for 2024?

To continue to be the best father and partner that I can as my family is so important to me. Workwise, it’s obviously a huge year so I’m excited for Verve to go from strength to strength, and improve people’s lives as it grows.   

And Cookson First Aid, which is the flagship programme from Oliver Cookson Foundation, is rolling out nationally, where we aim to train 5,000 people in 2024. It trains people to be life savers for free, and already trained over 3,500 people in 2023. We’re also rolling out additional programmes including accredited training for businesses (feel free to get in touch!), a free mental health course and more. 


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