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The Latest Yorkshire Launch From Coyle Health And Wellbeing


Boxing champion Tommy Coyle is setting his sights on continuing to champion the importance of wellbeing through his new destination club in Hessle. Bethan Andrews finds out more

Tell us about yourself, your upbringing in Hull and your journey into boxing? 

I was a young kid with a lot of negative energy! My Uncle Karl, who was an ex-professional boxer, was also an orphan and was in the system as a kid, and he recognised that I needed some physical activity. He took me down to the gym and the rest is history. I fell in love with the sport at six and I’ve never looked back. I played football for Leeds United and Hull City, but I leaned towards the individuality of boxing – I liked the ownership of a singular sport. I was thrown out of school very early, but I always went to the gym and worked on the markets with my dad selling fruit and veg, so I had quite a different upbringing to most. But getting into the gym every single night was my positive diversion away from some of the negative temptations.

Tommy Coyle

What did boxing teach you as a young child? 

The importance of punctuality and discipline. It showed me that if I wanted to achieve something, I had to work hard. You’ve got to learn to make sacrifices, too. I always had the ability to persevere in times of adversity. I wasn’t the best boxer in the world or the best fighter even in this city, but I was a very willing character. 

What made you want to move into the wellbeing industry? 

Wellbeing was the forefront of my performance, so I’ve always been devoted to shape and being mentally resilient. Because of my conditioning and wellbeing, I’ve always been able to deal with adversity so it made me aware of how important it could be to the general public. It’s what I know and what I have a great knowledge in. If you asked me to write a book, I wouldn’t be able to write one, but ask me to get someone in shape and teach them how to be mentally resilient, and that’s my thing. 

Talk to us about the new wellness destination centre, TC60 at Bridgehead Business Park. Where did the idea come from and what can people expect?

We already had many strands to the business with Coyle Health and Wellbeing being the umbrella company, where we go into large organisations and identify wellbeing problems and provide them with bespoke solutions, be it digital or in-person. From there, we decided to set up a training club so we can offer access to a state-of-the-art gym facility that we also open up to the public. Members can come and totally condition their body, and it’s a lot more than a gym. It’s not just a gym that has equipment, it’s more about being personal, being a community, and being a network. It’s a real hotspot for talent in business and social circles, and it’s a really cool place to be. 

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What do you want people to be able to take away from it that they might not get elsewhere? 

I want people to come and make new friends and better their lives through wellbeing. This gym isn’t a gym where you come and it’s simply transactional. There’s a huge social side of it, too, with events and opportunities. You can really come here to improve your mind and improve your life. 

Do you think there’s anywhere else quite like it in the area? 

No, there’s certainly not and that’s what sets us apart. This place is almost like a nightclub – you come in, you feel the energy and the warmth, you have the neon lights and it’s all very New York. It’s a boutique fitness facility that’s been featured in Men’s Health.

What’s next for you, and what are you most excited for in 2023? 

We’re in the midst of setting up  a new business called The Platform, which comes from the fact that I’m well aware that every business, every sporting individual, needs a platform, so we will give people the platform they need to excel in their field. There is also a foundation arm of the Coyle Health business, a not for profit company called the Coyle Sports Community that my brothers and I founded, as two of my brothers are professional footballers and one is a professional golfer. Sport saved us, and it changed our lives for the better, so we want to continue to encourage kids to take a chance on sport like we did.
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