This New Car Rental Service Makes Hitting the Road Easy

The Out

Many Londoners can get by without owning a car, but what about when we want to get out of town? Absolutely may have found a solution in the car rental service, ‘The Out’.

 Words Pendle Harte

Coasting down the motorway in the comfort of a brand new Land Rover is the ultimate in luxury. Driving from London to Dorset for the bank holiday weekend isn’t usually an enjoyable ride, as the millions of us embarking on the same journey would definitely agree, but driving this kind of car makes it as bearable as it could ever be. Climate controlled, comfortable, reliable, in good working order, full of petrol and fully charged, this is the dream, car-wise.

Of course it’s not actually our car. In the spirit of exploring other forms of transport and alternatives to car ownership, we are, for the moment, car-free. Not for us the endless admin and direct debits, the fretting over fuel prices or the knowledge that just sitting outside in a residents’ parking space is causing wear and tear even when the car’s not in use. Largely we get around London on bikes, public transport and taxis, which works fine for our family of four but it’s not a policy that includes weekends in Dorset.

For this, we have found a solution and it’s even better than car hire. Now we are using The Out, which is why we’re in such a stylish vehicle. Our friends are impressed when we turn up in the new Discovery Sport. It’s slick and compact, and ULEZ-compatible thanks to its hybrid engine. And if hiring a car is normally quite inconvenient, requiring pick-ups and drop-offs at peculiar locations with queues and, quite often, disagreements about car models and supposed upgrades, the new service from The Out is a world away from any of that. 

This is simply an app, and a simple one at that. You just upload your details, choose a vehicle from a range of highly desirable Land Rovers and Jaguars (The Out is owned by Jaguar Land Rover, cleverly providing an alternative to actually buying a vehicle) and select a time slot for delivery. Our car arrives on the dot, delivered to the door from its Edgware Road base by a driver who gives us a brief intro into its many functions and then vanishes. We spend the weekend in Dorset, and on our return, the car is picked up the same way, on the dot and with a smile. Easy. If you’re looking for access over ownership, this is the way to go.

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