5 Top Tips for Selling your Home


First impressions count, especially when it comes to selling your property. Here the interiors experts at No.8 offer five easy ways to impress potential buyers

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Never underestimate the power of curb appeal

Before someone has even stepped foot into your property, they’ll have made their decision whether to buy or not to buy. An inviting and tidy exterior will go a long way in ensuring potential buyers are still interested when they walk through the front door.

Step back, away from your house and have a good look at the property. How does the garden look? Does the lawn need mowing? Is the fence in need of a lick of paint? Is it tidy?A quick and cost-effective way to freshen up an exterior is to plant seasonal flowers in tubs, making sure the lawn is mowed and if possible, jet-washing the driveway and re-paint any woodwork that has aged over time.


Welcome to my abode

Once inside the property ensure that the hallway is clutter free, clean and tidy. Large mirrors will give the illusion of a space, reflecting light to making it airy. An attractive console table will define the space and create an attractive and welcoming entrance. Fresh flowers and scented candles are a useful and effective tool in helping to create a welcoming space.

Declutter, declutter, declutter!

If you haven’t decluttered and de-personalised to some degree, do so! It will help the buyer envisage themselves living in the space. Consider re-painting to neutral tones and add cushions, throws and rugs to introduce colour and texture where needed. These simple measures will go a long way in creating an appealing blank canvas. Ensure lighting is crisp and use lamps to illuminate drab corners.

Always, always ensure all beds are made, invest in stylish soft furnishings and hang the curtains in an attractive fashion. It is essential to tidy and de-clutter and where possible, only display attractive items on dressing tables and bedside tables.

Make it gleam


Kitchens and bathrooms are key in successfully selling a home and they must be spotless and tidy. Clear the kitchen worktops as much as possible and use simple props such as attractive bottles of artisan olive oils and pots of fresh herbs. Dress the dining table to add a touch of glamour to what is ordinarily a functional, utilitarian space. You should always remove any stickers or post its from the fridge or cabinets and ensure there are no leaking taps or broken cupboard handles.

Similarly, the bathrooms must be gleaming. Again de-clutter and place fresh towels, as well as attractive bottles of body wash in the bath or shower.


Gardens must be tidied and presentable. In the summer, place cushions on garden chairs, add outdoor lanterns and tidy away toys if there are any. If you have pets ensure they are contained and remove pet bowls. Opting to hire a carpet cleaner will rid a house of pet smells which can be off-putting to a potential buyer. If cleaning or gardening is not your forte then enlist the help of a professional to make your home sparkle.


One common mistake when selling a home is to neglect the storage. A discerning buyer will look in the cupboards. If it is unorganised and busting at the seams, it will send the message to your buyer that your home does not have the level of storage required for easy living. Invest in stackable plastic boxes to organise your belongings. Label them clearly and this will help you when you move too.


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